Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flikr Photos - the other side of London

I used to do a blog series with photography posts on certain topics illustrated by photos from the wealth that is flikr's public photo offering. I'm going to do the same to illustrate our trip to England and Ireland, with a few photos of my own thrown in.

So, we just spent time in London for my friend Rachel's wedding. I love London, and I've spent three different family vacations taking little jaunts to see things in London. However, Rachel lives in an area that is different that the stereotypical picture of London, and I love it. Peckham is heavily African and Caribbean, with a lot of Indo/Pak people around as well. Walking down the main lane is like being in another country.

Rye Lane Market

Rye Lane Market


I ventured out one morning to try to buy some flowers. I went one direction and couldn't find any flower shops, so I got directions from a security guard and walked the other direction and found the main grocery store with a flower section. There's something about shopping in another country that really makes you feel like you've encountered the day-to-day culture.

We did do some of your usual London sights. We ventured into Chinatown and the Theater district for some Indonesian food one night. I just love usual sights. There's Trafalgar Square, which was partly all boarded up and that night was full of people lined up to spend the night waiting for the Harry Potter Premier.

Trafalgar Square

And we hit up the British Museum, which is packed full of history and you can't really even begin to see it all. And... it's free.

British Museum

British Museum

This is the Black Obelisk, which illustrates the submission of several kings to Shalmaneezer III (I think). This particular king is King Jehu of Israel. Biblical history displayed in archeology. Cool. 

And we stopped for a drink and a meal at a pub across from the museum.

The Plough - Museum Street

We spent a lot of time getting around on the tube and the train, which was complicated with "push chair". This is London Bridge train station.

london bridge station


Anonymous said...

yay train stations!!

Melissa said...

oh, that was me =)

Erin said...

I LOVE the British museum. I spent 2 days there when I was in London a few years ago - and could have spent a week, so much amazing history there.

jenabroad said...

Love it! I fly to London in a week, also for a wedding. :-) I'll be staying with a former roommate from Mozambique in Tunbridge Wells and attending the wedding of another former roommate from Moz. The bride lives in Deptford, which is similar to Peckham, so your pictures look familiar from previous visits. I haven't had much time to think about my trip, so your posts are making me excited!

Jaimie said...

Never been to London, but I have been to Dublin!