Sunday, July 31, 2011

Notes on Motherhood - Baby Boy is Growing Up

Judah is almost eight months old.

He's less babyish every day. It struck me when I watched him sitting up and drinking out of a cup with a straw. SITTING up. Drinking out a straw, not a bottle.

I told Isaac that I feel more like Judah is a separate human being now. That sounds weird, but when he was born for the first few months I felt like he was an extension of my body and person. His cry was a cry from my own body that I had to attend to. I felt like I needed to be near him, to see him breathing, because he was a part of me. Babies are made to make their mothers feel like that.... helps us all get through those crazy first months.

Those first months are over now. When I walked in today he was sitting in his play gym blowing raspberries and talking to himself. He'll be crawling soon, and probably cutting teeth. As he picks up more solids he's cutting back on the milk he's drinking.

He's so much more analytical and focused, as you can see in this video, where he's chasing the blinds on our window:

PS - he's great with his "leg hands"

I love this stage too, though. I love the giggles and interactive play time. Now when he laughs and smiles and snuggles I feel like it's expressed because he loves me, and truly loves being with me and playing with me, not just because I'm a face in front of him. He used to know me by instinct, now he recognizes me, enjoys being with me.

After two weeks of fighting a cold and a week recovering from jet-lag and attempting to get back into work, I spent last Sunday afternoon mostly conked out in bed. Isaac had set up a little nest for Judah beside me, just the way I leave Judah beside him when I leave for work in the morning. He played with his toys and took a nap, but oh the tenderness of finding him rolling over to snuggle up against me. He would roll up as close as he could go and pop up his head to look me in the eye, and then lay it down on my arm, just watching me. His little hand came up and softly felt my nose, my lips, my eyes...

The trust and innocence in those big blue eyes, the tender snuggles as we read a book together, the giggles when its play time... I love all of it.

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Jaimie said...

I like babies when they're active like this. They're so much more cute. That pool picture is adorable. He has hot eyes, like Russell Crowe eyes.