Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes

It's been forever since I did a 7 Quick Takes! You can join up or read others over at Conversion Diary.

_MG_2002_3_4_XTML_s08001. In-N-Out Burger has been opening up all over Dallas, and the one near us just opened yesterday. Isaac was antsy from being in the apartment with Judah almost all week, so when we heard there wasn't a line we decided to go try it out. There were probably double the amount of staff than there were diners, and everyone was super peppy, so it was a fun atmosphere. As for the food, though, I gotta say it was a perfectly decent but really unextraordinary burger. I still love Whataburger best for Texas fast food burgers!

2. This week I finally downloaded some songs that have been on my wish list. From whom, you ask? Patty Griffin's Downtown Church, Adele's 21, Ben Rector's latest cd, the Wailin' Jennys, and (really really really behind on this one) Gretchen Wilson.

Map of Indonesia3. We found an organization that still actually does theological education and has schools across the world. Wonderful. We had them send our information to all opportunities and the first response.... was from Papua. Where I grew up. I have waited to see how Isaac responds to this opportunity and he seems to be really interested, which means that I can barely contain my enthusiasm. Is it really possible? Could it truly be that we'll return to my home, that Isaac and Judah will learn Indonesian? The more we find out about this opportunity and the town it's in, the better it sounds. We're continuing to investigate..... and I'm trying not to get my heart too set on it.

4. Judah is army crawling everywhere. This means that at bedtime when we put him in his pack-n-play, he scoots to the edge, smooshes his face against the mesh, and stares at us. It is adorable. If we honor his attention with a look and a smile he dissolves into giggles. Even more adorable.

5. Today Dallas did not top 100 degrees F. This means we do not beat the record (which would have been set tomorrow?) of the most days in a row over 100. I gotta say, though, that having an air conditioned car makes ALL the difference. This summer is totally not bothering me as much.

6. I bought a spice bottle of lemongrass paste and this week make lemongrass pork. Umm... hello delicious. I'm learning to LOVE vietnamese food.

7. London is rioting. This does not surprise me. There is a false sense of security in the West that thinks that we are more civilized than other societies with great civil unrest. We are not more civilized. If you give our society high unemployment, wealth disparity, and cultural segregation.... they riot too.


junglewife said...

Wow, that would be amazing if you ended up back in Papua! Crazy!

Enjoy the In-n-Out! I am jealous - I am one of those that loves their burgers!

CM said...

Hope you end up wherever you're supposed to end up... But Papua would be great! I've never eat at an In-n-Out or a Whataburger. That don't seem to have either of those where I'm from.

AHLondon said...

There is a false sense of security in the West. We are more civilized, but just don't realize what a thin veneer civilization is. But it is not high unemployment, wealth disparity, and cultural segregation that bring disorder. It is failing to instill people with the desire and means for their own employment, wealth, and culture that unbinds the madness.

Melissa said...

i love in-n-out!! maybe there are less good hamburgers in california. =) but i especially love their fries, more than anywhere else.

excited for you that you might go overseas again soon!

Kacie said...

Really?? That's funny. All my friends have thought their burgers were pretty good but the fries were terrible.