Monday, August 8, 2011

Cell Phone Picture Timeline Of The Last Two Years

This week I sent my cell phone pictures to my online photo album. It was sort of striking to watch the progression.

There was life with the roomies, including Fatty and Stank. In this photo Stank is hiding in the fire place. Ironically, she's the smarter one...

And there's my high school girls. I cannot believe that I actually live in a place where a high school event can look like cowboy boots and hats and plaid shirts and two-steppin'

And then... surprise! This was at the Doctor's office. We hadn't told anyone yet.

I grew... and grew... and we waited.

And then, promptly on his due date, along came Judah.

And we got used to a new kind of date night and quality time....

....and listening to the sermon from the lobby with a sweet wiggling or sleeping baby on our laps.

He made us laugh by doing things like falling asleep with his toys on his face.

And he grew... and grew...

We keep cutting the budget here and there, paying off seminary and medical bills. This is why we shop at Walmart - here's a cart of the exact same name-brand normal grocery items with a price comparison between Walmart and Kroger. Walmart comes out 14% cheaper. So.... we return to our little UN Walmart every week.

I chopped my hair off, and it was terrifying. More on that later. I even did it at a hair SCHOOL. I know, I'm crazy. At this point I looked like Justin Bieber.

But after a re-cut (at the same place, six weeks later), I love it.

In fact, I love my hair, and my husband, and my kid, and my job, and my friends. Currently so thankful for all those external blessings. So content.


Jaimie said...

I was waiting for some kind of pregnancy announcement at the end of this, lol.

Kacie said...

Nope. That prospect has me and my bank account terrified, hopefully terrified enough that there's no chance of that happening for a while barring an act of God. ;)