Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: New

This is the very first time I'm joining up with The Gypsy Mama in her Friday free writing feature called Five Minute Friday. Each week she picks a word and on Friday you have five minutes to free write about that word. No backspacing or editing. Just writing.

The word this week is "New", and you can go here to read others.

This year so much is new for me. I have a new baby. I am new at motherhood. I have a new role at my job. We are looking at new possibilities for work overseas.

Sometimes things that are new scare me. They hold the potential for so many negative things. They hold potential for positives too, but I'm a calculated person, and risk makes me wary of the new. At least with the old I know what the positives and negatives are.

In this case, though, the new is all exciting. It's a wonderful stage of life, and I breathe it in because you can't hold onto it. New quickly becomes normal and then old. When the new is hard, the reality that it will pass is a blessing. When the new is wonderful, I swim in it, I drink it in.

And right now, as I walk with friends through some pretty dark things, I think of that promise, "Behold, I make all things new."

What a song that is. Like Spring for the whole universe.

beautiful infancy


Jessica said...

congrats on being a new exciting that this newness brings great true that new quickly becomes normal and then old...i love those first few months of having a new baby...what a treasure and blessing...and the good news is that you'll be experiencing "new" with her/him each new season of his/her life. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Bradley said...

I Love your picture! So precious!