Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Older

Five Minute Friday is a five-minute free writing blog linkup hosted by Gypsy Mama here. The word of the day is "Older". 

My Dad was always traumatized by each new stage of growing older. He made a huge deal out of getting glasses, balding, etc. He was insistent at all times that he was, “still a young man.” It made great fodder for much family teasing, and my mom always rolled her eyes and said she didn’t know why getting older was such a big deal for him! 

This morning I brought Judah into the bedroom and he crawled around between Isaac and I, giggling and smiling at our tickles. I told Isaac it was just so strange to realize that I am old enough to be married and have a little person wiggling around in our bed. 

It is surreal. I think that I have grown up in Dallas. Chicago was my young adult stage, right in line with my whole generation that extends the qualities of adolescence much further into adulthood than previous generations. Coming to Dallas was a huge change, a hard one, but here I have gone from feeling like I am 18 to feeling like an adult. People no  longer tell me I look like I’m 17 and I have a lightening streak of silver in my  hair. We are an established married couple rather than newlyweds. I have a normal, stable full-time job and I know how to do things like jump a car, transfer a 401k account, and delay jury duty. I have a child. I have my own stash of recipes that I like and can cook comfortably. 

I am older. Not old, but older.

And you know? I’m totally okay with that. I’m okay with the silver hair and responsibilities and adulthood. It’s comfortable.


jenn3 said...

"Not old, but older." I like that. :)

Jaimie said...

I wouldn't say my generation extends adolescence further into adulthood. We just don't get married as early, but that has nothing to do with being an independent adult. I guess some of us live with our parents into their late 20s, but not most. I would say after college most 22-year-olds go off on their own. (I was 23.)

Val said...

I admire you. I still have so many days where I feel like I'm just faking it. Maybe it's because I don't know how to transfer a 401k account yet. ;) But I do love the days when I'm empowered and realize I really can handle the 'big girl' stuff. :)

Kacie said...

We talked about extended adolescence in a developmental psychology class in college. It's something people are discussing now. I'd say we wait longer in general before marrying, having kids, living on our own, working in a career, etc.

Beth said...

What a cool post, too. Isn't it funny how once in awhile you just stop and say "How did I get here?" I have three kids,have been married twelve years, teach college courses, and have a 15 year old dog (that we got when she was a puppy). Oh wait, not I feel OLD.
Have a good weekend,

Jaimie said...

I skimmed one of those articles, but I see what you mean. It's not your terminology. It's absolutely hilarious that they think of it as "extended adolescence" though. To me, it's solidly in the adulthood category.