Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yes, I Chopped Off All My Hair

I did it. (No, the photo below is not of my new haircut. Keep reading).

I've been dying for a change in my hair. I've never done much of anything adventurous with my hair and although I like that it's dark and thick, I just get tired of the same thing all the time. The best hair cut I've ever gotten was this one (to the left), which was fantastic. However, because my hair is SO thick, it poofed. It has to be straightened, and that takes work.Only when styled by stylists did it look this sleek.

I've been envying curly hair but mine doesn't stay curled no matter what. So, I considered a perm, and despite all warnings of 80's hair, I got my heart set on it. Then I looked at setting an appointment and ... perms are expensive. So I waited. And waited. And eventually just made an appointment for a trim.

And then Amy over at A Chase After The Wind got a pixie cut. It was adorable. I was intrigued. I'd always thought that pixie cuts only looked good on little triangle faces, not round or square faces (I have a round face). After thinking about it about one day, I decided... heck with the trim, lets try the pixie cut! Isaac had told me to do it before and I'd always dismissed the thought, thinking it would look terrible on me. Besides, this is one of two celebrities elected as my dopelganger, and I love short hair on her:

So, I went in to the Aveda Salon school (yes, I went to a school to get a dramatic cut. I am crazy), with this picture as my main guide.

I was SO nervous. I told them I didn't want it to be spikey short. I wanted length. I told myself I would not react for two days. Time for the hair to adjust, me to adjust to the hair, etc.

When the hair was wet, it was great. When they blow dried it it went "poof" and looked like a mushroom. Actually I laughed and said I looked like Justin Bieber. I wasn't worried by that, though, because my hair always poofs and stylists never know how to tame it.

So, after two days I was getting some extremely positive reactions and some that go, "Hey, you cut your hair!"..... long silence. You know, where they don't fill in with, "I love it!" because they don't love it. For some people that's because they like long hair on women, and for some it was just such a drastic cut it took a while to get used to it, and some truly didn't like it. While I liked the short, having the extra length on top with such thick hair again ended up with a lot of "poof", so I was always using headbands, etc.

Sometimes it looked good.
Sometimes it didn't.

When it was time for a trim, I told them to take the length off. Just a pixie cut,.
I LOVE it now. No blow drying. No straightening. Just a little hair wax to set it in place and I'm off for the day. It's SO easy. It feels sassy. I get asked several times a week where I get my hair cut.


cclarebear said...

Can't believe you went the whole hog and got a pixie cut.

It REALLY suits you though! And I love long hair, so that's saying something ;)

Jaimie said...

Yes, it definitely looks great on you.

I got my hair chopped off about 8 months ago. You were one of the inspirations. I STILL get compliments (I've maintained the same haircut) from random strangers. At least one a month from a random stranger. It feels nice.

Of course, it's expensive to maintain, but um.... that's what working a job is for. Spending your money!

Amy B said...

YAY YAY YAY!! I know I already told you this, but it really looks so awesome. PIxie cuts for everyone!!! :P

Kacie said...

Jaimie, yes, I think with your hair a chin-length is probably gorgeous!

Anna said...

This style looks fabulous on you Kacie! Very movie star.

(And is it terribly WRONG of me that I get annoyed by guys who only like long hair on women/girls?)

Kacie said...

Yeah, totally lame, Anna. Actually both my dad and Isaac prefer short hair, which is really rare. My dad never liked it when my mom grew hers out, and when I had it long Isaac always wanted mine back in a ponytail.

AHLondon said...

Cute cut! Suits you.

Bethany said...

I love it! I keep adoring a lot of "adult- looking" haircuts...but I LOVE having long hair. So, I'm giving myself a year or two to really grow out my hair one.last.time and then I will be chopping it!