Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Know It's Hot in Dallas When...

It's been over 100 degrees in Dallas for over a month. This week we hit 110, I think. And so....

You know it's really hot in Dallas when...
(from the Dallas Morning News - submitted by residents via twitter) 

... you get branded by your own seatbelt.

... bug spray feels refreshing and smells better than you do.
... it's too hot for fire ants to come out.
... the 12-pack of soda you forgot in the back of your car starts exploding.
... Oncor gives you surprise "quiet time" without electricity.
... squirrels begin falling out of trees from heat exhaustion.
... the weather report says OMG.
... you see two fire hydrants fighting over the same dog.
... you can take a hot bath in the pool.
... your sweat is sweating.
... sunflowers die.
... Dallas beats the Miami Heat...again.
... a tropical storm evaporates upon making landfall on the Texas coast.
... you ovulate hardboiled eggs.
... you sweat off your makeup walking from your apartment door to your car -- at 8 a.m.
... the native Texans are complaining about the heat.
... your shoes melt to the sidewalk if you stand still for more than a minute.
... Catholics are asking the wine to be turned back into water.
... your car puts itself on blocks to get the tires off the ground.
... you leave the house with your hair wet, and you get to your car with your hair dry.
... the thermometer says '' to be continued."


AHLondon said...

A tropical storm evaporates upon landfall--it sure did. We needed that rain, too. Course it is still humid enough in Houston that I can't see out my windows for the condensation.
The native Texans are complaining, and I did that hair drying thing to meet a friend for lunch yesterday. By the time I got to the joint, my hair was dry.

Kacie said...

I know. And we really do go to the pool but find the water is ... warm. It's incredible.