Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Two blogs that I have been loving recently. First, Brice and Bry in Cairo.
I met these two before they were married and they've transplanted to Cairo. I just love how adventurous their life is right now.
I've linked to Lisa McKay before. I read one of her books that was set in Indonesia and reviewed it on here, and when she commented on my review I found her blog! Since then she moved to Laos and she recently had a baby. She is never one to gush and always one to make a witty crack at whatever happens to be going on in her life.

2. I just finished my second Rohinton Mistry (an Indian author) book, Family Matters. His book A Fine Balance is on my list of all-time favorite reads and this book was also great. I think Mistry is like an Indian Dickens, weaving together story lines that highlight the political and social problems they are set in. The characters are funny and distinct. He's quite a tragic writer though - there is a brutal realism, and my one objection to him is when it slips into depression rather than helpful realism.

3. I forgot to link up when my friend Clare interviewed me about makeup and skin care, of all things! I'm no expert, but she is and we are childhood friends. Click on the link to see more of her reviews and tips!

4. From makeup to diapers. Hah. My life is so all over the place. Judah has always had sensitive skin that reacts to everything. This month we started battling diaper rash for the first time. We bought some cheap diapers when we were waiting for our regular shipment from, and he majorly flared up. Then he got a rash all over his trunk that is itchy and bumpy. He looks like he has one nasty skin disease at the moment! So - facebook gave me lots of suggestions yesterday, but mommas, what's your magic diaper or any kind of rash cure? 

5. I've sort of been transitioning from facebook to twitter. I like that friends and family are on f-book, but it's such a wiiiide range of people. So, if I sarcastically joke with friends, someone in another circle might totally misinterpret them. Between many of my friends using facebook less and the fact that it's become a strain to make sure I'm not misrepresented, I'm less likely to interact on there. Twitter, on the other hand, has become a great way to interact with the online writing world. At first I just didn't get it - wasn't it just facebook with only the status updates? No, it's interacting with people in the topics that interest you.
twitter over fbook

6. This week I got caught up with the latest Over the Rhine album. My favorite song is a long one, the autobiographical story of their relationship. It's honest, and haunting, and melancholy. Infamous Love Song.


7. My husband turned in his rough draft of his thesis. The end is in sight. The four years have been long and short at once. I'm so proud of him! By the way..... he asked me the summarize my blog post on 9/11 for him because it was too long for him to read. Hah! Says the man who reads multiple books like Exegetical Fallacies per week. I tell you what - they either do long and dense or quick quips, but nothing in between. He can't even read a news article - goes straight to the news videos.


Amy B said...

Cloth diapers, lady! ;) I know you had reasons for not going that route, but diaper rash is less common (though still possible) with cloth. I recommend Flip diapers from, but there are tons out there, and you don't have to go all or nothing.

Regarding Twitter, for about a year or so I was a daily Twitter user, racked up a bunch of followers, got in all kinds of convos, made "friends" - and then, several months ago it just sort of lost my interest. It became too much to keep up with. Maybe I should try to get back into it...??

Kacie said...

Amy, really? Because everything I read and hear say cloth is more prone to rash! I just talked to my cloth-diapering friend and asked her what she did with diaper rash and she said she just switches to disposable for a week. :)

And the diaper rash is less worrying to me than the whole body rash, actually. I can treat the diaper rash and I hear it's common at 8-10 months because of the new acidic foods their system is getting used to.

But the terrible rough rash all over him? That I have no idea how to treat.