Saturday, September 17, 2011

9 Month Old Antics

I just mentioned how awesome this age is, right? I love 9 months old.

Not only is it total cuteness to watch his mobility and adventurousness increase by the week.....

He's SO proud of himself when he climbs up on anything
He also is gaining a sense of humor. Like say.... the daily regime of going down for bed, smashing against the mesh of his pac-n-play, and making us giggle with his hilarious faces.

So sweet too, though. Nose kisses with Daddy:

He's pretty much the cutest thing in the world.

He is also that kid that cries and cries and cries when you put him into childcare. We try to leave him in childcare to go to church or other events over at church, and they've had to call me out to pick him up every.single.time. I am a softie. I hate seeing him sad. Thus... I hate leaving him in childcare and actually wait anxiously until they call me out (which at this point I know is coming), and then I jump up to gladly rescue him. Why do I keep putting myself through this? Because I know he's got to learn to be with people other than us eventually!

This was a few weeks ago when the crawling was new - I love that he bites the dust about every foot, but he does it with a massive smile on his face.

And more recently, Judah's favorite "ball" that he chases around:


CM said...

Love the squished faces! He is so cute and getting so big! I think the pine cone is hilarious.

Rach said...

Jana and I had a date yesterday in which we discussed your Judah's cuteness. He's adorable!

Sarah said...

Aww, so cute! :)