Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do you think we're related?

I told Isaac to take a look at this photo and he said, "Is that a new one of Judah? Wait... where is that?"

At which point I informed him that it's of me.

At first I had no idea who Judah looked like. Now I see it. Those cheeks, nose, and eyes... are so me.

There's something about his chin and lips that's different. Those eyes though. You think he'll look like this in a couple of years?


Stephanie said...

oh wow, that's crazy! I enjoy his fancy hat. :) He definitely has more a Mann chin.

Isaac said...

Hopefully his hair will be shorter and his sleeves not so frilly.

cclarebear said...

Uh, hopefully his hair will be LONGER. I'll buy him a leather jacket.

Kacie said...

Nice Clare. Deal.