Thursday, September 8, 2011

Josh Garrells talks about Love

Probably my very favorite musician for the last couple years has been Josh Garrells. Nowhere else have I found the same level of musicality, artistic risk, lyrical depth, and unapologetic faith. Of course, with that mix he has to be an independent artist. Oh, and it helps that his wife grew up overseas with a history an awful lot like mine.

In any case, Josh's blog linked to this video. I have been thinking about it so much because what he says is so in line with what we're experiencing as well. It's Josh answering an interview question about what love is. His answer is multifaceted.

Josh Garrels IN:5 // Love from IN:5 on Vimeo.

My instinctive answer is the same as his, and then I stop as he does, because the reality around me is so far removed from the definition I believe in.

"I have been, in some ways, afraid of writing songs about love.... I have been almost like, 'I don't want to go there'. I'm in this time of life where a lot of friends are getting divorced. A lot of friends are walking away from the faith. There's love kind of like... tearing apart, you know?"

Indeed. How many times have I laid awake, wrestling with how the breaking is possible? How many times recently have I cried in anger or cried at the pain? Love - tearing apart.

"Love feels more potent to me than it ever has before because I have this darkness to contrast it to."


Jaimie said...

The tearing apart is fascinating to me. Always has been, even before I ever encountered problems close up. Perhaps one reason I'm single... I have always been aware how fleeting a thing love is. But it's not a horrible thing to me, either. It's not like I'm dwelling on darkness.

Shanda said...

Love this video. Thanks for sharing. And why have I not been following Josh Garrel's blog? Changing that NOW.

Kacie said...

Seriously Shanda. Totally falling down on the job here. :)