Sunday, September 4, 2011

Motherhood Notes - Such a Boy

I love this age. It's my favorite since the newborn completely precious helplessness.

As I type Judah is attempting eat an orange peel and the speaker cord - simultaneously.

It took foreeeeeever to get to the sitting up and eating solids stage, but once he hit it he quickly moved to crawling and then pulling up. The transition this month has distinctly made him far more like a little boy.

He is SUCH a boy. He loves cars and climbing and and is such a busy little guy that just somehow oozes "boy" to me. He's so active!

The great thing is that with the development into a little boy, he's also able to start expressing love and affection. The ability even just to crawl to us and then climb up and reach for us expresses that he wants to be with us and is so heartwarming. If I head to the bathroom and then find that he's followed me and is sitting at my feet on the floor, I know he wanted to be with me.

The other day I was laying on the floor and he crawled to me, propped himself up so that he was looking down at my face, and then mashed his little face against mine. So cute - the Judah version of a kiss. I could just eat him up.

He definitely expresses emotion. Excitement when daddy is coming to get him. Anger when we pull him away - again - from the computer keyboard he so desperately wants to bang on. He giggles and gets frustrated and intensely curious and quietly sweet. He's wiggly and active, but I still love those moment right after a nap or in the morning when he first wakes up and just snuggles for a little bit.

I also love that this age is really scheduled. He gets up around the same time every day, he naps twice for a long time (and any sort of outing in the day inevitably interrupts either a nap or bedtime and results in a grumpy baby), and he goes to bed at the same time. He eats regularly and we know how much he eats. I can finally anticipate what's coming next at any point in the day.

And he's still got those soft baby rolls and big blue eyes. These pictures are old - from my newly recovered photo stash that I lost late in the spring.

(why yes, that is Michael Scott in the background ruining the moment. With how much of "The Office" Isaac watches, I think Judah may grow up thinking of Michael Scott as a member of the family.)

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Bob said...

I love it when I come home, and everyone is excited to see me. Chase always yells, "Daddy, you're home, you're home!" It sounds like "Dahee, oo ohm, oo ohm," but it makes my heart melt.