Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the evolution of family photos

I was going over old photos last week and chuckling at the progression of our family photos. For instance, lets start with this gem, a classic illustration of the old school "look really formal" portrait. It cracks me up so much - my little popped foot (am I dressed in a curtain?), Jana's sassy hand on her hip, my brother looking like a boy who is dying to get out of the awkward clothes, and then my baby sister Joy. Words cannot describe how much I love Joy in this picture. She was one of the cutest toddlers but her face in this picture is pretty much hysterical. Oh, and Isaac says my dad looks like the guy off of Family Ties.

Then you have the look-at-our-exotic-life-overseas family portrait. I must say, I like it MUCH more than the first one, which just goes to show how much my love of the exotic and informal has taken over all of the traditionally American part of my upbringing. Most of our family photos overseas don't really reveal how much whinging went on by us kids over having to pose for photos. I think I generally had a bad attitude about them until college.

However, family portraits changed when us kids got old enough to influence the process. Or shall we say... preempt the process.

That one was taken with my parents completely unaware of the silent agreement for sabotage that had taken place behind them. They didn't find out until the photos were printed. Needless to say, all of us kids love it.

We did get old enough to behave ourselves, though, and family pictures these days are generally a less painful experience than it was when we were small and half of us pouted through the whole experience. I think we shaped up all right in the end! Can I just say how much more I like our big happy casual family than our prim and average sized family in the first photo?


jenabroad said...

You dad DOES look like the dad from Family Ties!

Kim Newhouse said...

Love this post! Had to laugh when you said that first one was of an average size family--4 is (strangely enough) considered LARGE nowadays. Once you've got your boy and your girl you're supposed to be "done" in our country. We have 5 and people ask if we're Mormon or Catholic--why don't Christians have a reputation for seeing children as blessings????

Anyway, we heard your parents speak at Christ Community in Tucson today (where that photo was taken!) and loved seeing you tiny in the home videos. I don't think we've ever met you but we feel like we know you all thru your parents' communications over the years. Glad to get your blog address from them so we can see their beautiful grandson! I have a missionary cousin who works on the YWAM compound in Hawaii whose 1st grandson is also Judah :)

Also enjoyed the posts about your "Uncle Paul"...what a great video and great life of testimony to our Lord. Thanks for the wonderful words you're putting into cyberspace here on this blog! Always encouraging to see technology used for GOOD to glorify God and draw others nearer to Him....