Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 10 months old

At 10 months, Judah is...

1. A determined climber
...must.... get.... higher...
And so if he's standing next to the couch while we're sitting on it, he will stand on our feet. Anything to get a couple extra inches of height. I found him like this the other day:

2. A little quirky. 
You do random hilarious things like... carry your favorite spoon around in your mouth. Just hanging out as you crawl around.

3. Getting into everything. 
You are longing to tap on the laptop keyboards like mom and dad, but dad won't let you. You want to check out all the cabinets and drawers and the fireplace, and the trash cans. You do love the dishwasher, and that is allowed!

4. Learning the word "no" and letting me know when you don't like what I'm telling you. 
When we say "no" you either look at us and try to figure out what we're trying to stop you from doing or you refuse to look at us because if you don't look the problem will go away? (look at that face!)

5. Starting to make friends.
You LOVE other kids. Depending on your mood you'll either sit and stare at them as if you are totally amazed at how fast they run and the way they talk, or you crawl towards them as fast as you possible can, completely delighted by them.

6. Standing up! 
And now taking your first steps! And today I found your first tooth! *gasp*... please slow down little man! This was just over a week ago, and he's way past this now.

7. Momma's little man.


Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog about Paul Weslund because I've been trying to watch for updates on why he crashed in the first place. But you write so beautifully, so I started reading your blogs. Then I see a picture of Missy Kroneman and Benji. Kars flight instructs at my school in Longview, Texas. Now I am a little freaked out, this is such a small world!

Kacie said...

haha... the missions world is a very small world! And I actually sorta introduced Missy and Kars to each other... Kars and I have known each other since he was in diapers. :)