Thursday, October 13, 2011

Worst Night of Sleep Ever

I have been MIA in the blog world this week because I'm so busy. Good busy, though.

I'm taking in Anne Voskamp's 1,000 Gifts way too quickly in order to be ready for a book group on Saturday.

Last weekend we took a road trip and saw my parents and grandparents and brother, and rain, and the beginnings of a real Fall!

Today we met with a new refugee family we'll be mentoring, and they speak Malay (yay!).

This weekend my sister comes and spends her Fall break with us. (yay!)

So, since I am too busy to write a real post, I leave you with a story.

That is my brother and a friend, about 12 years ago.I took that picture. We were spending the night in a honai, a Papuan hut.

It was probably one of the worst nights of sleep in my entire life - my version of the classic American childhood experience of going to sleep in a tent in the back yard and then being freaked out and cold or hot or rained out and miserably sleepless.

The photo was taken during the still adventurous part of the night. We brought our piles of necessities down from the house, which was a spectacle in and of itself because most people that live in those honais don't own as much as we "needed" for one night. We made a fire, we cooked ramen and had fruit, we played games on our sleeping bags by candle light.

Except, as we were eating and playing games on our sleeping bags we saw roaches crawling up between the slats that make up the floor of a honai. I am not afraid of snakes or spiders or rats, but I loathe (and am actually for real allergic to) cockroaches. Despite disposing of our leftovers, the roaches were still around. Soon Linda and I were huddled on our sleeping bags, attempting to make sure no part of us was touching the floor, since a roach could be on the opposite side of each wood slat. Our brothers laughed at us and told us to calm down. We laughed nervously, continued to freak out, attempted to calm each other down, and then still continued to freak out.

asmat village - papua
When bedtime hit, the fire still kept the hut hot but there was NO way we were falling asleep exposed to the spiders, roaches, and flies that it was now clear shared the hut with us. So, initially we sweated in our sleeping bags until the fire died out and the darkness left us unable to see what might be crawling around.

I don't know how long I laid awake, but I got very little sleep and was extra relieved for morning. I'd much rather sleep outside on the ground than on the floor of an insect-infested hut! There are limits to the adventurous of this sorta-but-not-really Jungle Girl

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