Sunday, November 13, 2011

11 months - almost a year!

It's official. He's a toddler, not a baby.

Exhibit A.

He's so.... delightful. I mean, you see it all over my posts, the delight I take in him. It's so fun to watch him be delighted as well. He's discovering constantly, and is so proud of his new discoveries. Last week he learned to clap and he clapped with such excitement. This week he started dancing for the first time, as exhibited towards the end of this video. SUCH a white boy, I tell you. Pretty stiff moves there.

And he's got two teeth that came in at the beginning of the month, one right after another. Brutal. He doesn't scream when he's teething, he's just generally a fussy mess. As soon as they popped out my cheery Judah was back.

He's also recently learned to give kisses, but he gives them out sparingly when he's calm and affectionate. Which means... I'm lucky to get two a week! They're so sweet - a wide mouth gentle kiss planted on whatever part of my face is closest to him. 

First Halloween - actually we didn't go out at all, I couldn't be bothered. We did put him in his outfit a few times to chuckle at it, but it made him cry because he couldn't crawl or walk right in it.

Another first - his first cold this week. He's been sneezy and feverish and extra snugly, but I think it's passing.

The worst first? first bloody lip. And then his second bloody lip. Both times were soft falls but it seems he's smashing his face down something and tearing that little piece of skin that helps connect the upper lip to the gums. Lots of blood but he's fine after a few minutes. Took daddy a while to get over the heart attack of finding blood streaming out of his son's mouth.

This is not new, but a continuance of the last few months. He's still into EVERYTHING.

Most of all he's not supposed to tap on our laptops, and since it is forbidden he is desperate to get to them. He waits until we're distracted and toddles over as fast as he can go. *shakes head*... He's in awe of other kids. I love this picture, because it's often what he does around older kids - sit and stare in a sort of skeptical awe.

He loves playing with his daddy. In fact, Isaac was kidding around and asked Judah, "Judah, who's your favorite Mommy?" And Judah babbled in perfect timing, "Dad."

Truth is, he loves Daddy for playing and when he's sad he always wants mommy. And he cries when I leave in the morning, which just breaks my heart.

Can I just say - I think these little jeans are the cutest ever.

This photo is terribly blurry but I love it. Pure joy? Or... in Isaac's words, "Ritalin, somebody, quick!"


Rach said...

Um, I have to meet this baby. Because he is ADORABLE! Love the early toddler stage. Also, I watched the videos with my Judah, and it is hilarious because he gets super confused but excited when he hears his name over and over again. Ha.

Steph said...

just. love. him. <3
(and you)
(and Isaac B Mann)

Rae said...

I just have to say how awesome it is to read your posts about Judah and how much joy you take in being his mother. I love it!

Kacie said...

I do indeed take such joy in motherhood. I've been thinking about how much it's like the new infatuation of a relationship, and I know mothering will not always be so easy, so is it healthy to be so euphoric? Yes - just as much as that infuation provides the beautiful memories and the base for later years, that's what taking advantage of every beautiful moment of this period.