Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In which I hate teething

What was I saying a couple weeks ago about delighting in my child? Yeah. I have loved this age.

Except now I have terror angry clingy Judah, and it's not so delightful.

He's teething, so there's a reason, which better mean that when he's done teething the clingy/demanding/angry child is gone, or else we have a major challenge on our hands!

It started over Thanksgiving, when I was overjoyed to bring Judah to a family gathering, the first since just after he was born. I had visions of my siblings and parents finally getting to play with him and experience his giggles and snuggles. Umm... not so much. Every now and then he was happy, but generally as soon as I set him down he'd turn around and fuss until I picked him back up. He didn't want to be held by anyone else and cried when I left the room. He woke up the first night and I chalked it up to the road trip and new place throwing him off his schedule, but he actually woke up every night... and every night since we got back.

I was relieved to discover a new top tooth midway through the vacation, which explained why he'd been so needy. The second top tooth is pushing through right now (almost there!). Monday was my birthday, and it was generally characterized by me feeling completely sick with a cold, Judah being absolutely screamy/miserable (seriously, he slept off and on the whole day and anytime he was up he was crying), and Isaac running on three hours of sleep after finishing his last paper of his seminary career. Fun fun?

Monday evening when I got home and Judah was wailing at my feet, I looked at him and thought about how that day marked the second day (the first was also teething) in his life that I've felt completely frustrated with him and at my wit's end. It's been a good reminder, though, because in those moments I realize that I will have other moments like these for the rest of his life. I don't care for him because he's fulfilling me, I care for him because I'm his mother and I love him. So I take a deep breath and pray for patience, I pick him up and intentionally speak gently and snuggle him despite his angry squirms and fussing. I try to calm him and know that this is what we do, we mothers, and fussiness is not an excuse to be an angry or impatient mama.

AND... praise God for Steph, who babysat despite her own crazy schedule and let Isaac and I go watch a movie. It wasn't exactly the best birthday I've ever had, but I got to sit with Isaac and spent time just us. Win.


Clare said...

Awwwww... poor little darling :(

Stephanie said...

<3 I love me some cranky chubbins. are such a good mama. Such an apt picture of how God loves us because of who He is...especially when we're cranky, teething terrors. Grace-based salvation for the win! :)

Love you, friend.