Sunday, November 6, 2011

On the presence of old friends

An old friend is staying with us this week, in fact, he was Isaac's best man. We don't get to see each other often these days, and Isaac keeps up with friends just like the stereotypical male, hardly at all but picking up right where they left off.

And I find that every night we're staying up till the early morning hours with conversations that range from new bands to the greek word for something or some theological position or how becoming adults means finding out how painfully broken the church and people are, and to being stretched thin by life. Strong-bad voices and old insults are being thrown around. I find us shifting from listening to the Civil Wars to Isaac and Josh singing along to Flight of the Conchords while I shake my head in despair. It is beautiful, this communion.

It is strange to do it all again now, when a baby wakes up and cries in the middle of it and we're off to work in the morning. This blending of college friendships with adulthood is strange, but oh how thankful I am for friendships, for people who know us and have known us, for men whose interests are the same and can sit and push each others' brains around for a while and thoroughly enjoy it. For being a witness to each others' lives from those early days of tentative adulthood on into marriage, pain and beauty, and still laughing through it all.

And I am thankful that it is chilly outside and that I am burning fall candles in the evening and that I have brand new breathtakingly precious new niece, and that my son's cheeks are soft, and that everything on my to do list is in the end not really THAT important.

I am not thankful that Judah is teething and cranky again. Just sayin.

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