Friday, November 18, 2011

People I Love

I am so thankful.... for friends. Really. I treasure the people in my life, and recently there have been precious times with friends in and out of town. It makes me feel alive.

Terrible picture, but we never take pictures when we're together so here we go:

That's my community group here. They are our friends. They know us. We know them. Sometimes we yell at each other. Sometimes we laugh. The boys always talk for twice as long as the girls, which is weird. That we are still meeting is sort of a miracle. It's a beautiful thing, this group.

And... my sister got to come over for her Fall break last month. That meant she babysat while we got a date (Hallelujah!) Being able to be together and talk about life and watch her go through her college years is a privilege. We won't always live this close, and it's pretty funny that five hours away is "close".

Missy and Linda are only two hours away, and in the last month I think I've seen Missy three times and Linda twice. Amazing! We went out to a fall festival thing that was sort of underwhelming, but just talking and having the two boys play together is just great. Both Missy and Linda have boys due in the Spring, so it'll be quite a crowd when we all get together in a few years. Four boys just a couple of years apart.

And then, our friend Josh came down and stayed with us last week from Chicago. He was the best man in our wedding, and he and Isaac have one of those unique friendships where they barely stay in touch but they love the same things so they always reconnect immediately whenever they see each other. There's this dream out there that one day we will live and work in the same place. Who knows? In any case, it was SUCH a great thing to have him here, sleeping on our couch and talking for hours. Really. Amazing how just the presence of someone can be such a gift.

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Amy B said...

I got totally distracted from the words by how cute your hair is in these pictures. :o)