Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Escapades

The Asian markets are my favorite place in all of Dallas.

This morning Isaac and our friend Josh that's staying with us this week were still asleep when Judah got me up at 8:30. We quietly got ready in the bathroom and then slipped outside. I thought we could go on an outing while the boys slept in.

But... where to go? Hmm...

A park? Great idea. Except that the stroller is in Isaac's car and I can't find his keys.

The mall? I sometimes like the mall and I definitely like the mall play place for Judah, but I hate the effort it takes to get in and out of those monstrosities, and they're so.... I don't know. It's like materialism embodied, which is really fun sometimes and depressing other times (like say when you have no money).

A coffee shop? Indeed, if you're going to go on a Saturday morning outing, you may as well get a find cup o' Joe while you're out. Except, the decent coffee shops are all across the city and Starbucks is like coffee flavored sugar drinks.


The cemetery?  Yes, this was a real thought of mine, because there's this massive cemetery just down the road from us that is just like a park because of the great walking path and beautiful setting. But, same problem as the park option. No stroller.


Just around the block from the cemetery is the Vietnamese section of town, and I LOVE Vietnamese coffee, and I haven't been to the Vietnamese grocery store in ages, and I need bean sprouts and peanuts for soto ayam (Indonesian chicken soup).

So off we went to the same place featured in one of my first posts on here, Egg-rolls and Pigs Heads - Exploring Dallas.

I tell you what... I walk inside that place and my body relaxes and I meander the aisles just smiling. Particularly the Vietnamese store is JUST like being in Indonesia. The men wandering around in sarongs, the super mie (ramen) aisle, the snacks I grew up with... I love it.

So we shopped and I got my iced coffee, and then we came home... only to find the boys STILL sleeping.

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Shanda said...

I grew up in a Vietnamese neighborhood. The grocery store we did all of our shopping at was Vien Dong II. Pig heads, blocks of blood, massive amounts of sea food, the smell of Asia... It's home. :)