Saturday, December 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Isaac and Judah and I went to the seminary family Christmas Chapel today. I took time off of work to go, which was really something I had to do after last year. Judah was a week old and it was going to be his first outing, so we got all dressed up and ready to go share in the Christmas spirit and show off our little one in Isaac's world. And then we found out I'd left the car seat in my car, which I'd let my mom drive to Arkansas to visit my sister. Totally my bad. And in the post-partum emotions, it was a complete tragedy.

Today I remedied that mistake. We gathered with other students and families, watching Chaplain Bill play the trumpet and Kit Bogan sing a solo and Sparkle (yes that's her name) bust out the gospel. It was festive and fun and beautiful.

2. The whole event also confirmed that I have a very active child. Seriously - our row was filled with other kids around Judah's age. There was a little girl a month older than him that sat sweetly on her momma's lap, unable to walk yet. And then there's Judah, who wiggled madly when I held him and when I'd finally let him down he was off like a shot, practically running around chairs and people. He's desperate to wander, move, just be active. It's great. And it's a pain when we're supposed to be sitting in one place and focusing!

Judah's active-ness is also the reason he has a nice shiner today. He refuses to stop, even when his coordination can't keep up with his speed. He almost always has bruises on his forehead, and yesterday the coffee table got in his way and bonked him good.

3. Loss. In the last couple months three friends have miscarried. This is a hard thing about this stage of life, this loss of new life, the mourning of a child you've never met. I ache over it.

4. I was looking through the photos of someone in Papua (see here, not sure if the album is public or not) and just wondering. If we go there, will we stay there? Will we know it and the people around us the way Syd and Nola do? Or would we work for a few years and then move to a new place?

5. Judah can talk... or at least he thinks so. He carries out extensive conversations with our cell phones, the mirror, himself, and on occasion us.

6. My baby brother is turning 17. What??? MY sister wrote about it here, and she mentioned him toddling around clapping. That is so surreal because that is just what Judah does now, and now the mental image of baby Judah and baby Matt is entirely confused in my mind.

7. On Monday Steph and I made four kinds of Christmas cookies, and we were up till 12:30 finishing up the project! It was completed with lots of conversation, Christmas music, messes, and pictures. Ex-roomie love.

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Clare said...

Aw... poor judah and his bruise :( I used to that as a kid too - except it was always my legs running into things. At least he's active though!