Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving + Colorado + Family + Teething

Thanksgiving was up in Colorado with my family. My family is growing! There's a brother-in-law to be in this photo, as well as the two new little ones! And this is only the beginning....

We soak in the family time. Lots of talking, playing games, watching football, cooking, and more talking.

My grandpas in the back are so great!
Thanksgiving itself was absolutely lovely. Gorgeous weather. We had something like 22 of us stuffed into a small house that day, so we overflowed outside. We discussed how this is the kid's table, despite the fact that there are two sets of married couples/parents and another engaged couple out of the group of us. When do you stop being the "kids"?

We spent some time looking at old pictures and videos, including photos of me as a baby with my great grandparents. We took the opportunity to take a series of photos of the two great-grandkids with their great grandparents. I'm glad we'll have the photos!

It's sobering to know that I don't know how long they will live and how much Judah will remember them. I actually was nearly in tears over this during our road trip home. You know, it used to be that the immediate family was just one subset of the tribe. Your individual family identity wasn't as important at the tribal identity that was passed down from generation to generation. These days we don't have a tribe, so where are we left when the generations before us pass away?  This makes it extra hard to lose them - they are our only connection to our past.

I'd love to say Thanksgiving was filled with beautiful times of aunts and uncles and grandparents bonding with Judah.

But instead, because of the teething, I got a lot of this:

Oh mom, please pick me up again. Please, please!

FYI - my grandparents are the cutest thing ever.

Oh wait, no not true. My niece is.

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