Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Peanut - You Turned One (a month ago)

Dear Peanut (otherwise known as Judah, Buddha, Sugar, and Monster),

Yes, momma is a whole month behind at posting about the milestone that is your one-year birthday. We also didn't have a party (mom's American acculturation fail!). However, we DID take you to a party.

Your birthday was on the same night as my work Christmas party (in my busiest work week of the year). We thought about skipping it to celebrate at home, but instead we dressed you up and brought you along, planning to slip out early.

You absolutely loved it. In a big hall filled with people, you toddled your way around the tables and chairs as if you were on a mission. You smiled and giggled at the lights and the people clapping to Christmas songs, and you tried to get on stage and join the band.  You and momma even joined a conga line (because evangelicals don't know how to really dance, but they CAN do a conga line).

And then we whisked you home, where you partook in the sacred family ritual on your mom's side, which is trying ice cream for the first time on your first birthday. You took a chunk of ice cream in your fist and tried to eat it with a worried look on your face because of the cold until it melted into your lap and you took a good look at your chocolate cake.

Actually, molten chocolate cake. A sample of the molten part was followed by another sample, followed by another sample, which was followed by a systematic destruction and consumption of said cake.

Washed down by a cup of milk:

followed by a sugar high:

Your favorite present was an awesome looking keyboard (from Aldi's, don't tell anyone!), and you were delighted by the music (and maybe still also on a sugar high).

We are hoping you are past the worst of the falling over stage, because just before Christmas you had a bruise on both sides of your forehead AND a shiner under your eye.

You are a goof ball:

You LOVE talking to people on the phone:

And you still wreak havoc everywhere you go. I cleaned the kitchen and left and you did this:

You have six teeth, you weigh 22 pounds, you love cheerios (and all food), any toys that make noise or have lights, and being chased around the apartment. You are simultaneously very clingy to mommy and a wanderer. If there's an open space to walk, you will take off and toddle across the building without even turning around to see if anyone is with you. You are high energy and then need some alone or snuggle time to cool down.

Last night you woke yourself up coughing and I came in and picked you up. You snuggled in, your cheek against mine and your head on my shoulder, relaxed into your momma. I held you and thought - amazing. Holding a child like this is one of the most amazing things in life. It's a privilege to be your momma. I love you, my little man.


lisamckaywriting said...

That video is way too funny. Beautiful post.

Steph said...

I just love this family. And little master buddha is a pretty skilled cake eater.

Jaimie said...

Having a child is crazy enough without planning a huge 1-year birthday party they will never remember. I don't get the 1-year party thing. Yours sounds perfect.