Monday, January 30, 2012

Having a sick kid is like being in a mystery that slowly kills you

Judah wasn't sick until after he turned a year old.

Before that he'd have times when I though he might be sick, but really it was all guessing and in the end I think he was just having moments when he was tired or worn out or teething.

The teething thing will kill you, it's just ridiculous. He may have a tooth pop out and we're just shocked because we had no idea it was coming. Or he might have a week of being practically inconsolable, high temps, laying lethargically in momma's lap not willing to do anything or eat anything.... and then a tooth pops out and I'm incredibly glad that he wasn't fighting some mysterious disease.

Like say... right now. Yesterday he was grouchy and last night he woke up angry at 11:30, 5:30, and 6:00. At six I got him up and he was again inconsolable. He has no other symptoms. Could be he's just grouchy. Could be he's teething. Could be he's got an ear infection because those also can have no other symptoms and I did notice him pulling on his ear once every day. See? Mystery. Fun fun. I never know when to take him to the doctor and when to ride it out.

At Christmas we were trying to ride it out. Seemed like a cold because he actually had the sinus and coughing thing going on, so we figured we'd let him ride it out especially since we were out of town and it was the holidays. Whoops. He just got sicker and sicker and when we finally did take him to the doctor he seemed to have the flu and an ear infection, and he was in bad shape. Wish I'd taken him earlier!

I did learn some things, though. For instance, for a puking child who will not keep things down, do not keep trying to feed the child. Yes, they do need to get something down them, but their little stomach is so weak it can't handle anything. My doctor friend told me to go with 24 hours of liquid only. Everyone on facebook advised Pedialyte, but we didn't have any at home and were all sick and didn't want to venture far from bed. I did some Internet research and made my own. A liter of water, a packet of koolaid or a couple tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of salt, and a 1/2 t of baking soda. It's missing the potassium that's in most pedialyte, but Judah sucked it down. He was obviously desperate for it. A liter and a half  and a day later, he was ready for solids again and wouldn't touch the pedialyte solution.

At this point your kid needs 24 more hours on the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. All things that are simple and easy for a baby stomach to break down. Same diet you should be on if you've been puking for days too, actually. In any case, after a day of thing you can try other foods, but it worked like a charm on Judah.

I have my fingers crossed that when Judah wakes up again he'll be happy and we don't have another ear infection on our hands!


Kari said...

We have to take Atticus to the ENT today to see if he needs tubes. He's had three rounds of antibiotics in January. It's been insane. I hope Judah is okay.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Oh gosh! I hope he gets better soon. :(

Ana O'Reilly said...

It must be nerve-wracking not knowing what's wrong or what to do. I hope he get better soon.

Kacie said...

Thanks Ana! Just browsed your blog, what a life you have! How did you find your way over here?

Kacie said...

Whoops sorry, this was supposed to go to Andi. I have been reading your blog for ages, Ana! :) By the way, my husband loves Portugal. I haven't been. Sad that you saw so much evidence of neglect in the crumbling old buildings!

Kacie said...

Thanks Ana! Just browsed your blog, what a life you have! How did you find your way over here?

Kacie said...

Uggghh. I had chronic ear problems all through childhood, so I'm hoping Judah does not inherit that from me! Hopefully Atticus won't need tubes, and if he does, he'll only ever need one round.

Ana O'Reilly said...

I wasn't sure whether I should mention the neglect when I was writing the post because I didn't want it to create negativity but unfortunately it's an aspect of Lisbon that can't be ignored. Anyway, if you ever have the chance to go there, don't hesitate!