Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"It is not our goal to keep our staff from suffering"

A man I very much admire said this in a meeting I was at yesterday. He was talking about his goal as someone working with member care over people in full-time Christian work.

It is not our goal to keep our staff from suffering. It is our destiny to suffer. We will go to the cross. What we want is to help our staff thrive while they go to the cross.

EmbraceMhhm. What insight. When we find ourselves unhappy or suffering I think we often thrash about, looking for a place to put the blame for why we are in pain. The assumption there is that suffering is bad. It's a mindset shift to recognize that pain is real, and deep, and must be recognized and dealt with.... but that it is also part of the life that we are called to here on earth.

Specifically as I think of moving overseas, this is pertinent right now. We can't plan this so that it will be most comfortable and we don't suffer at all. If so, we could arrive there, find things difficult, and simply redirect until we find a place where we are comfortable and useless. As we follow Christ, no matter where we go, we will suffer. The important thing is that we thrive in Him as we suffer and as we experience great joy.

I suppose it applies to parenting too. It is not our goal to keep our children from suffering. It is our goal to help them thrive as they experience suffering and joy. 

Still pondering

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