Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Resolutions and Insular Lives

I have been reading post after post on every one's New Years Resolutions, and I have my own. I've been struck - is all of this really any better than the materialism of Christmas that we all complain about?

It's been just all striking me as "ick" right now because of the self-focus. It's about organizing our time and our lives so we can do more of what we want and look how we want and have perfect families. None of those things are bad, it's what is missing in all of it that is striking me. Kurt linked to this Alan Hirsch quote the other day.
For way too long discipleship has been limited to issues relating to our own personal morality and worked out i the context of the four walls of the church with its privatized religion. In doing this, we have severely neglected our biblical mandate to go and “make disciples.” We have narrowed the gospel message to just being about us. Please hear us: we don’t want to neglect issues of personal morality. To strive for holiness and maturity in our own personal lives is extremely important, but it is only half the picture; the other half is our God-given responsibility to the world around us. The fact is that you can’t be a disciple without being a missionary: no mission, no discipleship. It’s as simple as that.

 That is what has been pinning me to the wall the past year. Someone told me that as I challenge the high school girls I work with, I should challenge them to go to the teen parties that all the Christian youth group talks tell them to stop going to. They shouldn't be hiding away. They should GO and be a light.

What about me?  Sure, I really do want to organize my life better so that I have time for meditation and prayer, I really do need to start to work out, and there are other parts of my life that need developing. But in all of my life organizing, am I simply creating a schedule that looks more and more "good" and has absolutely no time for regular people in the regular world? What I am truly thinking needs to change is that I need to be out there. At a party. With people outside of the holy huddle, doing things that have nothing to do with the holy huddle.

It's such a trap that we keep putting together more activities to keep us even busier in our homes and in our churches, further and further away from the places and people that most need the God that we have.


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