Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ruminations on the Republican Primaries

New Hampshire Debate Characters - Caricatures 

I'm not one of those bloggers that has vowed not to talk politics this year. I shall talk politics all I want. It will, however, probably be a lot less than last election cycle!

I've been watching the Republican primaries with interest and incredulity. I don't know what I think of everyone, but I know a few things.

- I highly dislike Rick Perry and will not vote for him. When he was rising in the polls I was absolutely aghast. I'm relieved he currently seems to be forgotten.

- It says so much to me that in the current state of the party, Republicans were willing to consider the like of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich while Hunstman is the ONLY candidate that has never been close to the top of the heap, despite the fact that he is the most experienced in foreign policy issues, which is arguably the President's biggest job. When Huntsman announced he was running I got excited, and I'm just in shock that the public seems to have considered everyone but him. What does this say about how we pick our candidates?

- I like Ron Paul. I really like him. I have more respect for him than for anyone. He's consistent, straight forward, logical, and experienced. There isn't a candidate more appealing to me. BUT.... I absolutely disagree with him on foreign policy. Stink. If he happens to finally gain traction, I will be fascinated.

- I really don't mind Romney. However, I don't think I would vote for him. This probably further proves that he is a) too liberal for most Republicans and b) not interesting enough to beat Obama.


Rach said...

Rick Perry: Agreed. Ugh. I feel sorry for Texans....but apparently most of them like him?

Gingrich: Ugh.

Cain: Double ugh.

Huntsman: Don't know much about him *guilty*. From the little I do know, he is still too conservative for me.

Paul: His "newsletters", the racist/sexist/homophobic ones, turn me off. Is he still the same person? And just hiding those views?

Robotney: Seems like a standup guy (unlike Gingrich or Cain), but he's just gonna tow the party line, I think. I don't know...

Anyway, I might just vote for Obama. Craziness.

Hans said...

And Santorum? Not deserving of discussion? He scares me to the root of my core. But then most of them do, even Romney, who says he believes in an opportunity society, not an entitlement society, which is a lovely cozy idea that casually overlooks the fact that so many Americans are born without opportunity - because when each day is a struggle to find food and warmth (nevermind love and care), striving towards opportunity isn't much of an option. But I'm just a European (which of course = socialist) so what does my opinion matter? I just don't understand where the christian element comes in (and I know Mormonism is different but compassion is in there too, right?) for any of them. I cry in frustration some times that all these people espousing christian values seem to be so fundamentally missing the point.

haha I'm supposed to be writing something quite different to political views on a country I can't even vote in. I'll be quiet now x

"In an Opportunity Society, free people living under a limited government choose whether or not to pursue education, engage in hard work, and pursue the passion of their ideas and dreams. If they succeed, they merit the rewards they are able to enjoy." Mitt Romney

Kacie said...

I hear you. And I partly agree with you. I watch the GOP field with fascination and disgust, but I am an Obama fan. It will take a lot to draw my vote away from him.

Jaimie said...

I used to kind of like Obama until this year. He signed the NDAA of 2012, which gives the president and the military the right to imprison US citizens without a trial if they suspect them of terrorism. Of course, there's no trial so "suspicion of terrorism" can be pretty loose. This flies directly in the face of the sixth amendment. Obama's excuse? "But my administration won't be doing this." Disgusting whore.

Sarah said...

I agree with much of this. Ron Paul is one of the few politicians I have any respect for. I'm excited that he's actually getting votes this time around. I don't mind Romney either, but then I'm more moderate than most of the Republican base. It'd be nice to vote for someone I actually like, but honestly, I usually feel like I'm picking from the lesser of two (or more) evils. Last time around I almost didn't vote at all because I was so sick of the politics.

Kacie said...

That's the thing I most disagree with of everything he's done in office.