Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Before I'm 35 Bucket List

Bucket ListYou know, I'm not one for making a dramatic bucket list. I'm not particularly ambitious or competitive. I rarely make goals for the year because I figure... why put so much pressure on a year? Things happen over time. Different things at different times. And I've been given so many chances to do amazing things because I grew up overseas.

However, it struck me the other day while reading a friends blog that this stage of life will fly by. It's a stage where we're working, parenting, moving, and just busy. And so if there are things that I do want to achieve or experience in this stage, I should be intentional about it or I'll lose the chance.

With that in mind, this is my first draft of my:

Before I'm 35 Bucket List

- Road trip the Southeast of the US. Never been to most of it, and since we live down in the area, it is time!
- Become an experienced bread maker. Right now I can make it, but it intimidates me so much that I never do. There is nothing like the smell of bread baking.
- Have a kid
- Start my graduate counseling degree (or something in a very related field).
- Attend a mainstream concert by an artist I love.
- Visit Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain - any will do, but one of the above must be included)
- Attempt to pick up drawing again. If this fails, give it up completely for good.
- Create a detailed family tree while the grandparents are still alive to give input.
- Acquire sewing machine. Actually use said sewing machine
- Do something dramatic with my hair 
- Learn to cook a really good roast.
- Teach my children to read and then institute family reading time in the classics.
- Have a high school reunion in some way, shape, or form, somewhere in the world.
- Spend a weekend with Isaac back at the beautiful bed and breakfast where we spent half our honeymoon.
- Discover a short list of (real) drinks I know I love.

I've been sitting on this, thinking of everything I could add, so it's time to just hit publish and edit as time goes on!

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