Friday, February 24, 2012

Five things on a Friday

Well, I have no single profound thought, so it is a Friday morning for rambling.

1. I have apparently developed an allergy to benzoyl peroxide (which is in half the facial cleansing products out there). A couple of weeks ago I dug out an old cream that had bp in it. I was fine until about six hours later, when it felt like the room in which I was in a meeting was heating up. My co-worker said it felt that way to her too (turns out her problem was a hot flash). I didn't realize till almost the end of the day when I went to the restroom that my face was bright red! It itched and swelled all evening, so I threw away the cream thinking it might have gone bad. Yesterday I  bought a tube of clean & clear stuff, the same stuff I used all through college. I used a little bit last night and this morning it's the same thing - bright red, swollen, and itchy face. And that is why I'm at home on a Friday morning, taking a half sick day.

2. While we're on the subject of toiletry and beauty products, I've discovered (by creating a budget for my discretionary personal spending within our overall budget) that what I spend first and want more of the most is makeup/beauty products (granted, my monthly budget for them is minuscule). Curses on you, Clare (just kidding, clearly I love it)!  I've taken to doing my nails again because of a pinterest tip that led me to believe I could get longer-lasting polish. I've used high quality nail polishes like Essie and OPI without success, but this time I bought the proper base coat and top coat, and with that even my cheaper drug store polishes last longer. And so... my nails are growing for the first time ages.

3. We have this really random housing option that just popped up for us. When our lease runs out at the end of May we might be able to live in a back house someone owns up in McKinney. This would be amazing in some ways, mostly financial. It would be, however, a good distance from where we live now, which would make my commute longer and make it harder to see friends. Hmm... Pondering this. We'll get to see the place tomorrow. Some really big pros and some cons that make me hesitate. Anyone in McKinney want to comment on what it's like to live up there?

4. Since I'm home this morning I let Isaac sleep in so I got full Judah duty this morning, and he was adorable. I love it when I get in on these happy play times when he wanders around chatting to himself in baby talk and then coming back and grinning at me. But then there are those moments when he's a grouchy, clingy mess. On Monday he dissolved into absolute wailing while we were at community group. I know he was tired, but it was unusual. It's always rough to be away from the house with a baby, because we're so reliant on the option of just putting a grumpy/sleepy/disobedient boy in his pack-n-play to sleep or reset. Without it, things can go downhill unexpectedly fast, but with it the days are generally a breeze. And that need to be near home and the sleeping routine is what makes so many stay-at-homes feel claustrophobicly stuck at home

5. Last night (after missing a baby shower because the same need to have the baby at home) I started Catching Fire, second in the Hunger Games trilogy. So excited. So excited for the movie too! It's true that there isn't a lot of depth to the books, but they are a really good story.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kacie, A great way to save money on beauty products - I've been doing for about 2 years now - and it works great for me - my skin and hair have never been in better shape - Oil cleansing method for facial care ( and shampoo free for the hair ( - both sound crazy but they work for me!
Katie B

Jaimie said...

A surprising amount of facial cleansers use salicylic acid, or something. I know because I struggle to find BP, since it's the only thing that works on me.

I wonder what you will think of the Hunger Games after reading the third book. It kind of made me like the whole series less.

Kacie said...

I just bought an oil cleanser - something japanese off of I'm seeing how that goes.

Kacie said...

Yeah, so far the second book is good, but we'll see about the third. Do you think most people perceive it that way?

Jaimie said...

Umm... just a rough poll of everyone I've seen and what I remember, I'd say it's 75/25%. 75 dislike, 25 like.