Saturday, February 11, 2012

Links to posts that I'm still thinking about

First of all, happy Saturday morning from Judah and I.

I've saved these links for too long, it's time to share them!

Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things wrote a post called Joan of Arc. She has a beautiful girl with Downs Syndrome and I absolutely love the way she writes about and photographs little Nella, who is the age I vividly remember my (now 17 year old!) brother Matt. In this post Kelle talked about how she responds to someone who tells her that it's all great to talk about raising a kid with Downs Syndrome when she's small, because it's going to get so much harder. Kelle said:
Here's the thing--this person is completely right in the fact that it's going to get worse--more hardship, far more difficult challenges than, say, occupational therapy. My opposition to the comment really has nothing to do with Down syndrome.... The problem I have with it is the theory that happiness and perspective and grabbing life by the balls is somehow discredited if challenges are still ahead. ...You think I don't know what's ahead? You think I don't have moments where I put myself there--ten years from now, thirty years from now, fifty years from now? You know what statistics say? I know damn well it's a hard, hard road and there will be tears. But I trudge forward. Like Joan of freaking Arc, and I embrace the challenges and choose to be happy. Knock me down, Waves. I'll get back up. I do cartwheels, okay? In my driveway. Sometimes in my nightgown. And I will never stop trying to live life this way. There is reason for everyone to be unhappy. There is reason for everyone to be happy. What's your focus?

You should read the post. Her photos are always stunning. And... it's true that things get more challenging. It's also true that my brother Matt is still awesome and that joy bubbles out of my family.

 Sarah Bessey (formerly Emerging Mummy) always writes beautifully about her practices of Mothering, but she opened the floor and had everyone write and link up, and the response was incredible. She's featuring some of the best now.

Lisa McKay has been telling the harrowing story of her baby son and a broken leg while living overseas far from quality medical care. Totally my worst nightmare, and she's just gone through it. The post I'm linking to, though, is from before that incident and it's called 24 things that have surprised me about motherhood, which is both true and hilarious. For instance, "I never thought I'd.....Understand why the manufacturers felt it necessary to print the following warning label on pacifier packaging: “Warning: Do not tie pacifier around a child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger”."

The Center for New Testament Manuscripts may have discovered the oldest New Testament fragment yet - first century. It's incredible, if it ends up being legit.

Eric Metaxes, author of Bonhoeffer (best selling this year!) gave a little message at the National Prayer Breakfast last week and he knocked out of the park. He had the audience rolling, gently poked fun at Obama, and spoke truth in a brilliant combination of bold and subtle. Watch it. 35 minutes into this video.

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