Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovey Dovey Favorites

 A Severe Mercy
Jane Eyre

2. Songs: (currently)
Who Are We Fooling - Brooke Fraser
Infamous Love Song - Over The Rhine
Wonder of Wonder, Miracles of Miracles - Fiddler on the Roof
And I Thought I Loved You Then - Brad Paisley

3. Movies
The Story of Us
The Way We Were
On Golden Pond
In America
While You Were Sleeping (my choice sappy romance flick)

4. Places
Rocky Mountains
Newport Beach, CA

5. Couples
Cliff and Clare Huxtable
Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor
Wall-E and Eva
Anne and Gilbert
(this completely cracked me up - a music video of the Civil War's "Poison & Wine" set to Anne of Green Gables scenes!)

6. Random
Couples Talk conversation cards

7. Marriage  Books
Sacred Marriage - Gary Thomas

What to add? Where do you think I'm crazy? It was interesting doing this, because so many of the romances in my favorite books and movies are at least dysfunctional or at most tragedies (see Story of Us and all the books I didn't list for this very reason!). I googled some "best romances" in the books category and most of them were either dysfunctional, tragedies, or completely lame.


Jaimie said...

Nice! A lot of these I haven't even heard of.

My favorite tragic romance is The Remains of the Day. The movie, I haven't read the book. My favorite happy romance is Slumdog Millionaire.

Kacie said...

Never seen Remains of the Day! I'll add that to my list. I love Slumdog.

These are really sort of my current favorites rather than all-time favorites, especially the songs.

You should see The Way We Were, I really think you'd like that one.

Jaimie said...

Okay, trade! I will watch it. Ack, this is a reason I don't want to get rid of my Netflix DVD plan but I don't use it enough to justify it. Maybe I can find it through.... other channels.

Isaac said...

While you were sleeping!? REALLY?... I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. :(

Kacie said...

REALLY. This is why you should watch this with me as your Valentines gift. If you REALLY love me, that is.

*husband blackmail*

Alysa said...

No Papua on your list???? Shame, shame.

Kacie said...

My list reflects my experience, which is that Papua is a blast as a family adventure! I bet since you had a fantastic trip with Jack there, it's high on your list! Actually, I'd love to see you list since you've traveled to some awesome places!

Sarah said...

I love your couples list, though I have yet to watch Friday Night Lights. Maybe we'll finally get to it this summer when we'll be missing our regular shows. I've been a fan of Kyle Chandler since he was in Early Edition waaaaaay back when.