Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Evening Blog Post

The Saturday Evening Post 1920

Elizabeth Esther has a Saturday Evening Post feature in which we all link to our favorite post of the month.

It was actually a hard one. I talked politics, mothering, circumcision, and marriage. The one that got the most attention, though, was "I'm Afraid of Going Home".

I grew up overseas and I may be moving back. I'm incredibly excited but also afraid.... and I wrote about it.

Link up too over at Elizabeth Esther!


robert said...

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Aunt Barb said...

I've been reading Elizabeth Esther for a long time, and sometimes I'd wonder if you did, too. And sure enough!

Kacie said...

I've been reading for years too! It's interesting to see where the people I started following when I was wrestling with my faith have come to in their own faith. One is an atheist, one is a Catholic, a few remain in the evangelical church...