Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I'm Into - Link Up!

Jumped on the bandwagon and am watching Downton Abbey. It's a BBC drama that's gained lots of popularity in the US, and it's right up my alley.
Isaac and I got this Lost box set a year ago, and we've been rewatching Lost all year. We're finishing it now and are about to start what I'm really excited about - the special features. I'm hoping that hearing the director's commentary will give a little bit more satisfaction with the way the last season went.
We watched Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen is SO quirky) and the last two Planet of the Apes movies, which were acceptable to both Isaac and I, which is always a good thing!

I cleared my ipod of almost all Brad Paisley and Selah for the first time since college. I'm just tired of them. In their place, my constant fallback artists that I always want to hear are Josh Garrels and Mumford & Sons. This month I'm also moved to tears by Gungor all over again.

I read a book called The Disobedient Girl by Ru Freeman, the story of two different women in Bangladesh. It was a stunning combination of a real women's story and a bit of a mystery. The two stories were very separate and it took me about halfway through the book to get a clue to how they'd be connected at all. It might appear to be a bit of a feminist book, but I'd say it's more about human rights and equality, as it deals to the social problems of servant hood and caste as well as women and sexuality. It was good.... but tragic. Seems I always like truly tragic stories. Maybe because they often reflect reality?

Also read Twenty Chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Scott, which is a fantastic memoir of a girl that grew up in Africa in a quirky family. If you like memoirs and multicultural literature, it's highly recommended.

Now I'm picking up a book I never got around to reading in undergrad - Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality by Mark McMinn. I've been sold on the philosophy of integration, and I don't need to read any more on that way of thinking about Christianity and psychology. However, I DO look forward to reading the practical side of the this book, that examines various counseling practices in light of a philosophy of integration. Yay.

roasted tomatoes with shrimp & feta.
I've been attempting to try a pinterest recipe once a week. This week it was Roasted Tomatoes with Shrimp and Feta, and it was delicious AND healthy. And because I hardly have time to make desserts and extras, I gave up on making my own desserts the last couple of weeks and instead made Ghirardelli brownie mix, which is by the way the very best boxed brownie mix. Isaac was in awe and has been begging me to make it again.

Isaac and I have taken up walking together as soon as I get home from work in the second half of the week and over the weekend. We're committed in the evenings for the first half of the week, but it's so nice to get to Thursday and head outside. There's a big apartment complex across the street from ours that has a big stream, pond, and walking path that runs through it. We walk it and then stop in a field and kick a soccer ball around while Judah delightedly walks in circles, exclaiming over his ability to get around in the grass. So great. And also amazing because so far winter just totally skipped Dallas, and it's 70 degrees out.

Oh man, so content. With Isaac out of classes, my burden is so eased because he's carrying more of a load around the apartment. and I'm not juggling both a full-time job and full house-running duties. The future is still uncertain, but at present I love raising my son, I feel so thankful for a loving, humbly-serving husband, I have a great job, dear friends, and I am familiar and stable in this place. It's an odd (and so predictable) thing to feel so settled just before potentially leaving, but I am at peace with that strange dynamic. I know we must go because to stay is to give comfort a priority above obedience. If I chose to mourn and be afraid, I would lose the peace I enjoy right now.

And so, since so many people have been doing "What I'm Into" posts, write your own and link up here! 


Emily said...

OK, so I stopped by your blog on purpose to ask you for a link to a post of yours I can't find, AND THEN read this and was like "OMG i love Josh Garrels too!!" AND THENNN read your Mark McMinn comment and just got kinda creeped out. He's one of my professors and goes to my church :-) and he's super awesome in person as well. I am reading his "Integrative Psychology" right now and I am loovvvinggg it. Which is convenient, because he's also one of my professors!!

Anyway, so we like the same things. I think we knew that though.

My post request... awhile back after you posted about your roommates' marriage ending :-(, you I think did a separate post that talked about, among other things, how you've been thinking how you made the best decisions you could in marrying Isaac, but so much is out of peoples' hands, and what you know is that you are thankful for the husband and marriage you have. ...Do you know what I mean? I couldn't find it and I'm wondering if you took it off, but would it be possible to email it to me? I was describing it to a friend who's on the verge of getting engaged and I just thought it would be helpful and encouraging to her.

(I would have emailed you all this but I couldn't find your email address anywhere- sorry to leave such a novel of a comment!)

Emily said...

*Also, the "Which is convenient" sentence I meant to delete after I added that he was my professor above it. Anyway.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Can't wait to check out these links!

Cash said...

We all have the same taste in media. Especially music. From Brad Paisley of the past to Mumford and Garrels and Gungor. We ended up not going to Bloom, which is the church Gungor leads at, but we stop in every now and then to worship with them.