Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An event to remember

women's board 089
An event I was a part of back in Chi-town
On Saturday my workplace, which feels like a family, threw a really, really big event. The type of event that I spent four years catering for in Chicago for an event planning company. Those were big corporations and weddings, not like us, a small organization with volunteers doing most of the work.

It was so much fun. Fun, as always, to watch this body work together, everyone pitching in with no complaints, even when 8am on a Saturday calls for coffee and puffy sleepy eyes. Do you know how much of a gift it is to work with people that laugh together? People that spread laughter are one of my favorite things in the world.

It was amazing. Months and weeks and days of work that came down to those last hours of intense prepping. My little team hung gorgeous photos that showed wrinkles and smiles from people across the world. We set programs and gift bags on banquet tables and panicked when there weren't enough, sending swarms of co-workers to set up an impromptu gift-bag factory and relieve the problem in 30 minutes.

Event setup and management is so me. It's the years of working in Chicago, yes, but I found out back then that not everyone loved the job as much as I did. I've discovered that I am a high "C", and something about the methodical process of so many things done together to make one big beautiful stunning event gets my energy going. This time around friends teased me and asked me to please organize their lives for them, which amazes me because I'm only just understanding this part of my gifting and personality. This event thing is just familiar too. I know where dessert spoons go and what those tall tables in the reception area are called (highboys) and who to talk to when a table setting is missing. I love being familiar with things and feeling competent.

And then it was beautiful to run upstairs with my friends that had been working with me all day. Here we were at this beautiful new luxury hotel and we get to get ready in a suite! The view of the city from the floor-to-ceiling windows on the 9th floor was absolutely stunning, and it felt like an awfully glamorous locker room! Love the chatty bonding atmosphere  between us girls was certainly present as we did makeup and painted nails and checked each others' hair. The event was seamless and everyone is still talking about it

All in all, it was a night for the books, and another reminder that I'm glad I stuck it out and am still working where I'm working. This year has been so worth it.


mcmemorykeeper said...

AHHHHH I LOVE seeing you in your shalvar kamis :)

Kacie said...

I got LOTS of compliments. I made up a way to wear the shawl since I didn't want it around my head or neck. And I was at a loss of what to wear for shoes. I was like... where are my sisters when I need international fashion advice??

Cash said...

That looks like Bill Clinton in that first group shot! haha! Well done though. That's exciting. I always tell people that the most important aspect of your job is the people you work with.

Kacie said...

hahahah..... oh my goodness. This is such a great comment. I think the guy is politically conservative enough to be slightly offended by that thought, but I think it's hilarious.