Thursday, March 8, 2012

Link Love

Bridget Hunt wrote a great post for all soon to be mamas about what they can expect, good and bad!

My friend Rachel wrote intimately about being brought to tears when her pastor talked about leadership and assumed married mothers weren't a part of the leader category. She asks for insight from her readers. What would you do? 

A college friend, Maureen, did some research and put together a list of celebrity couples that have only married once and remain married to that first spouse today. It's interesting and sometimes surprising.

Lianna Carrera wrote an article called "10 Signs You Were a Christian Kid in the 90's". Hello McGee and Me and Bible Drills. A few of these I (luckily) missed out on by being overseas. I managed to never be in a dance/mime team. SWEET.

Yet again Kelle Hampton makes my list with her blog post about a dance for special needs folks. What beautiful

Considering buying this Hunger Games t-shirt. 

My friends Jared and Theresa are headed back to Papua where we both grew up and they are blogging about it.

I echo Brett in this post , which challenges our obsession with authenticity when it results in encouraging brokenness and scorns healthy lives as inauthentic.

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Rach said...

Thanks for the link! Good stuff. I really appreciate Brett's post. Great food for thought.

And I think I will actually pay to see The Hunger Games in theater. Counting down the days....