Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Office Pranking Extravaganza

Last week was Spring Break in the local public schools. All of the execs in our office went on vacation... at the same time.

How does one pass that up?


I mean.... someone in our office clearly took advantage of the situation.

Or rather.... several someones.

Or maybe... half the office staff? Fingers are still being pointed.

Exhibit A: Aluminum Foiling

Awesome, right? The best thing was the detail. Individual books.

See the plant? Individual leaves on that baby are foiled. When I came in on Monday my boss was unwrapping foil from an individual vitamin pill he'd left on his desk.

It was amazing.

I think this was my very favorite of all.  The aluminum foil kleenex coming out of the kleenex box.

Exhibit B. - TP
Classic... a TP job.... but with a twist.

Hung down over strings, so that there were just curtains of tp that you walked  through as you went through the office. This VP was so funny - she walked out of her office that morning and exclaimed that she was so honored to have her office pranked.

 Exhibit C - Post-It Noted!

This, folks, is why I love my office.

Also - pranking spreads like a disease. However, I don't think our office will ever top having three executive offices well-pranked in one week.

(it was a really fun week)


Barb Dukes said...

I'm going to be in so much trouble here at work. I shared this with some of our Top Prankers. I told them I would deny everything if they said I inspired them to do it. Thanks for the fun morning!!!

Kacie said...

wonderful. Like I said, it spreads like a disease!

Moody Alumni said...

That is so awesome!!

Catholic Mutt said...

Too funny!

Amy B said...

If I worked there, I am not sure I would have quit my job! TOO HILARIOUS!

Kacie said...

If you ever move to Dallas, there's a place for you. :)