Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Saturday

It is Saturday. I have about four different posts in my brain that must be translated into posts, but... at the moment I just want to ramble, which is something I rarely do on here anymore.

It's a great Saturday. It sucks to wake up early with a baby on Saturday morning, but we had a slightly muddy adventure attempting to do the stereotypical Texas thing and take photos with the Spring bluebells. It was mostly a failure and I may have lost my sandals in the process.

While Judah was sleeping I got to sit down and actually journal-pray, which I also rarely get to do anymore. This week I have been longing for it, longing to process some very private heart things with God, and every morning when I'd get up Judah would get up too, interrupting any possibility of real quiet processing time. It was amazing this morning, the peace and stability found in prayer and meditating on some verses that I've written down that are pertinent to the things I'm processing the last couple of weeks. In high school I prayer journaled every day. Nowadays it's almost never, but I knew my heart needed it today and I am so thankful for it.

I also managed to get a morning nap  while Judah was still sleeping, and then finally finish When Helping Hurts (and also the amazing flourless chocolate cake we've been eating all week) and play with the little  man on the porch in the perfect weather, and then when he and Isaac conked out for their afternoon naps I got an hour at the thrift store around the corner. I love love shopping at thrift store dives,  and I find I need to get out at some point on Saturdays or else I feel cooped up. So - I left the store with energy, a couple of scores for me, and some 18 month clothes for Judah because everything he's in right now is getting too small!

And now the apartment is a wreck and the fridge is empty, but a pot pie is in the oven and I feel productive, rested, and peaceful. Thank God for Saturdays like this.

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