Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changes - Combing Two Blogs

For those of you reading in blog readers, changes have come to The Well Thought-Out Life. I've been considering combining my blogs into one, and yesterday spontaneously decided to go ahead and do so.

This means that The Well Thought-Out Life is no longer just a blog for thoughts on theology and politics and other such musings. It's now for everything - my life and my analytical thoughts, all in one.

Today I've been importing posts, and in the process accidentally posted an old draft on Jenkin's book The Lost History of Christianity. I've decided to leave it up despite the fact that it's not edited down, simply because it is so fascinating.

It will be interesting to see what comes up as a "top post" now that a whole history of posts from two blogs are competing with each other!

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Bob Ewoldt said...

Good move. Now if you'd only move to a or site, it'd be even better :)