Friday, April 27, 2012

de Rosset's recommended English Classic Literature list

Last week I posted professor De Rosset's recommended American Classic Literature. Rosie de Rosset was a favorite professor and a hero of mine, and she pushed me (already a big reader) into a whole new realm of grappling with literature. Today I'm posting her English Classic Literature recommendations.

Austen, Jane.  Pride and Prejudice; Sense and Sensibility; Persuasion, Emma
Bronte, Charlotte.  Jane Eyre,  The Professor, Villette
Bronte, Emily.  Wuthering Heights 
Carroll, Lewis.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Conrad, Joseph.  Lord Jim; The Secret Sharer; The Heart of Darkness
Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield; Oliver Twist; A Tale of Two Cities;  Great Expectations; A Christmas Carol
Eliot, George.  Middlemarch; The Mill on the Floss; Silas Marner
Fielding, Henry.  Tom Jones
Golding, William.  Lord of the Flies
Hardy, Thomas.  Tess of D’Urbervilles; Return of the Native, Jude the Obscure
Huxley, Aldous.  Brave New World
Kipling, Rudyard.  The Jungle Books; Kim Captain’s Courageous (India spy story )
Maugham, Somerset.  Rain; Of Human Bondage; Razor’s Edge 
Orwell, George.  1984; Animal Farm
Scott, Sir Walter.  Ivanhoe
Shakespeare, William.  Macbeth; Hamlet; King Lear; Othello; Romeo and Juliet;  Merchant of Venice; etc. (dramas)
Shaw, George Bernard.  Saint Joan*; Pygmalion; Man and Superman
Shelley, Mary.  Frankenstein
Stoker, Bram.  Dracula
Swift, Jonathan.  Gulliver’s Travels
Thackeray, William.  Vanity Fair
Wilde Oscar.  The Picture of Dorian Gray  

 I know a lot of people these days find British lit incredibly boring. I love it, but if you're one of those that resists it, try Oscar Wilde or Thomas Hardy (I loved Tess). Frankenstein was a surprise for me, very beautiful with rich, deep characters.

Do you love British lit or hate it? Favorites?


Andrea Ward said...

I LOVE British Literature. I think it is better than American most of the time. I'm going to save this list for the next time I'm looking for a good book!

Shannah said...

Jude the Obscure is one of my favs on this list - all of which I've read except for 2 of Conrad's. Now I've got to dust off my shelves and do some rereading. Thankfully, I note that "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier is NOT on the list.

Anna said...

Persuasion is my fave Jane Austen, do give it a try sometime. (Starts slowly, but totally worth it in the end.)

Also, can I be on your newsletter list?

Kacie said...

Ana, just added you! I had you in my contact info, but hadn't clicked to add you to the newsletter group. We're working on one now. Or at least.... we should be. :)