Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Link Love

Link up with me this Sunday! 
Okay,  so first off, would any of you care to join me this Sunday in a "What I'm Into" post? Share what you've been watching on TV or movies, music you've been listening to, books you've been reading, recipes you've been cooking... all in the past month. I'm thinking of hosting the first Sunday of each month while we all review our previous month. My last one is here as an example. And, since we'll be linking up, I need a little advice. What linky tool do ya'll recommend for blogger?

Link Love
  • As a missionary kid myself (though not Mormon), I found this to be a fascinating little insight into Romney's time as a missionary in France. And you know, being a teetotaler in France is quite a shame....
  • Apparently Judah will stop being irresistibly cute at age 4.5. No really, they did research...
  • My family got to see my great uncle and aunt on a road trip through OH last month. They are my heroes, truly, one of those old couples that every couple wants to be like someday. My sister wrote a beautiful post about them. 
  • What would you tell your daughter about beauty? My good friend and beauty blogger friend Clare wrote a post with five pieces of advice she'd give. 
  • Steven Curtis Chapman barely looks older than he looked when I listened to him in  middle school. He's an artist that's been promoted in the CCM scene that I actually respect. He's more than just marketing. This post by Andrew Peterson, who just toured with him, confirms that for me.
  • My friend Rachel wrote a post about what she learned from her surprise pregnancy. Good stuff.
  • Considering we're now planning on moving overseas, this post about the astronomically high typical level of stress for missionaries was a bit sobering.

This feature on the Kombai people in Papua is so familiar. It discusses their transition out of cannibalism. The canoes, the chanting? Amazing.


Emily said...

Kacie, hey!! Thanks so much for sending me the link to that marriage post- I passed it on to my friend and it was such an encouragement to both of us.

I wanted to ask if you would mind sending me a few thoughts for a project I'm doing... here's the email i just sent out:

Hello friends!!

I'm writing with a favor, to friends I know who were either MKs, TCKs, or the parents of an MK or TCK...
I have a close friend who is about to leave to teach missionary kids at an international school in Thailand. With hopes of encouraging her as she prepares for this work, I want to collect some info on why having people who make their ministry going to teach MKs really is so helpful and important!

If any of you have a minute, could you jot down some thoughts on how the teachers (or mentors, or other adults) you had/your kids had while you were overseas were helpful for them, and for you as a family? Or just anything about how it helped you to be overseas knowing there were people there whose role was to care for your kids?

It doesn't need to be anything fancy, even a couple sentences or bullet points would be lovely :-) (Although if you feel like writing an essay, hey, all the better :-)).

If you were the kid, and you think your parents might be willing to send me their thoughts too, please forward this to them! I'd be so thankful for their thoughts as well."

I'd love any words you have, and/or if you want to pass this on to your sisters, parents, or any other MK/TCK friends, I would SO appreciate it! I think you have my email but just in case, it's: sunflowers374@gmail.com.

Thank you friend :-)

Sarah said...

This week is no good for me, but I'd consider linking up in the future. :)