Sunday, April 8, 2012

March Review - What I Was Into

So, I realized after I picked Sunday to post this that Sunday is Easter! Whoops. If you want to save it till Monday, I'll still be available for linking. I'm going to try to do a "What I Was Into" post on the first Sunday of every month, reviewing the previous Month. Join me and link up below, or put it in your calendar to join up next time.

Watch The Walking Dead OnlineWe finished up the shows we were hooked on and are looking for replacements. We're trying Smash (sort of like a less-guilty-pleasure Glee). We're also trying Walking Dead and that is way overwhelming. It's a zombie show that was recommended by people I never would have expected to recommend it! We usually watch a show during dinner but we stopped trying to watch WD during dinner because it so tense and gruesome! It's a little much for me sometimes. I hear the one we should be watching is Game of Thrones?

I was also forced into watching The Three Amigos for the first time, which inspired near universal defense of the movie on facebook, to my dismay. Sooooo cheesy.  On the other hand, The Conspirator, with James MacAvoy defending Mary Surratt (accused of conspiring to kill Lincoln) was pretty good. So was True Grit.

We actually got to go watch the Hunger Games in theater, which was so great. It was good but.... not as good as the books. I think they did a great job of getting the feel of the world and showing the drama of it all. They managed to show the horror of the games, the violence, and the killing of children without making it horrific. A very fine line. On the other hand, it still felt rushed and like some important dynamics were glossed over. I suppose I should give them a break considering it was already over two hours long.

After listening to Josh Garrels and Mumford obsessively since we got them for Christmas, we know all the lyrics and are ready to try something new. I'm considering Gungor or Allison Krauss or the Zac Brown band (don't have albums by any of them) but I don't have anything I'm absolutely dying to buy.  Suggestions? Seriously, I need them.

But really, this song... can't get enough of it. Who writes a song about Revelations these days? The way Garrels puts John's vision to song is really haunting.

I finished the entire Hunger Games series and then Isaac went through them all too. Woot! He's still going through withdrawal.

Some Biblical Studies professor puts up quotes from his students' papers in the Bible Students Say twitter, and it's dang funny if you've lived in that world. I really, really hope they're mostly freshmen.

I also finally finished When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fickertt, and it's been great for building a framework to think of how to engage with situations where help is needed. What's needed - relief or rehabilitation? My most recent post on the book is here on my Well Thought-out Life blog.

Homemade Flourless Chocolate Cake & Raspberry SauceTwo standouts this month (both of which I've made before) were both from Real Simple magazine recipes. One is a simple and fairly healthy chicken pot pie. It uses white wine to flavor it, and it's divine. I use whatever meat and vegetables I have on hand.

The other is flourless chocolate cake. I do believe this is my favorite dessert. I'm not overly crazy about cake most of the time, but this is different. It's like a cross between mousse and brownies, it's deep and dark and rich. Next time I might even throw in some espresso. AND it's fairly easy. 

We just got word yesterday that our file applying to the organization we'd like to go overseas with is finally complete and has been sent to assessors for review and hopefully acceptance. It's taken forever. Hello, future.

In anticipation of moving, I am finishing up a scrapbook on my college years. I don't really scrapbook per se, I really just line up photos and write captions. I was in yearbook in high school and the school paper in college, and this is sort of my hard-copy version of the same. It's sort of a therapeutic thing, memorializing and saying goodbye. However, I really don't feel like I need to do it anymore the way I used to need to (I needed to do my high school scrapbook), so I'm finishing this up and then giving up scrapbooking.

Oh goodness, what a crazy range of emotions this month has been. There have been moments when I've been nervous and terrified about all the changes coming up. Other times I'm excited. I've been pondering how unusual life is right now for me. I get comments all the time that I have "a whole new persona" or "Kacie's gotten so wild!". I feel like I'm just very comfortably myself this past year or so, which wasn't true of Dallas Kacie for a very long time. Post brewing as I ponder this.

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