Monday, April 2, 2012

Pixie Cuts and Thick Hair

This summer I cut off all my hair for a pixie cut, and I wrote a post about it.

Having had the cut for a while and now beginning the process of growing it out in order to be prepared for moving overseas and being out of range of salons that I trust, I figured I'd throw out some of what I've learned.

1. Push it forward.
I've seen a few girls get the short cut and then comb it down as if it's a man cut, and then they hate it and grow it out as soon as they can. To rock a pixie cut, you need to be pushing it all towards your face. This is crucial. Pushing it forward is what makes it look sexy and modern. Case in point - see how the hair is not pushed back and down, but forward, except the bangs?

And in this random shot, in my opinion it's less that the hair changes and more that they're combing and styling it differently - forward.

2. Leave yourself bangs and push them to the side.
This makes it look feminine. When it gets longer, you'll have to pin the bangs back (at least if you have hair like mine). I sort of like mine right now, though, because it gives a little flippy interesting bit on one side that I'm okay with for a while.
*update - I have now tried it with and without bangs, and really, it's been fine both ways!

3. Don't be afraid to cut it short.
When I first got it cut I asked them to leave it a little longer and shaggy, and I didn't know how to style it and it didn't look right. When I was brave enough to let them just really pixie cut it short, I loved it and it was so much easier to take care of. Over time when I grew it longer, I found different ways to style every stage in a way that I liked, which surprised me.

4. Use product. 
If you cut it really sort, use hair wax. You need to keep it from becoming a poof, and hair wax isn't as much of a wet look while still letting you sculpt it. Good hair wax is harder to find, but over the last month as I've started to let it grow out I've been using light (and cheap) mousse. It takes a poofy mess and gives it sleek shape.

5. If it's unmanageable, blow-dry it. 
One of the things I've loved about short hair is that I don't have to spend much time styling it. I didn't blow dry it for six months. This month, however, I've let it get longer and to manage the increased volume (my hair is so thick) I've started blow drying it again. I wish I'd started earlier whenever I felt like it was getting poofy. It makes it sleek and manageable.

6. Experiment.
Short hair grows fast and so what looks great for a couple of weeks might not look great two weeks later. I chose to keep the hair on the side long so that I either have to push it forward so it's brushing into my face, sweep it back over my ears, or tuck it back behind my ears. Each one is a different look. Use bobby pins, try curling the edges, buy fun headbands...

Also, here is Ginnifer Goodwin and 7 ways to style a pixie cut
More pixie cut advice here.
This is advice I'm taking now: How to grow out a pixie cut.

And... a few more photos of various stages of my pixie:


Clare @ said...

um, LOVE this. might link to it soon ;)

Ky said...

Love your hair! Do you live in Dallas? I have short hair and want to go even shorter, but have a hard time finding someone who really knows how to cut my thick hair. Would you mind sharing your stylist's name? The last girl I went to tried to tell me only girls with fine, thin hair could have a pixie! Really?!?!

Kacie said...

Well, you're going to think I'm crazy a little bit, and I probably am, but I've gotten it cut this whole past year at the Aveda salon school on Park Lane. So, if you're looking for someone sure and dependable, probably don't go there. They've done such a great job (and they're what I can afford right now), but you'll of course be safer at a nicer spot. If I can recommend, either Live Hair Group on Greenville or the salon at Mockingbird station (can't remember the name of it) both do great hip haircuts like that. I think the key is to bring a picture. What they have done for me is to cut it "evenly round all the way around" and then let it come down a little over my ears. Part it on the side and use product, and you'll experiment and end up with something you love!

Ky said...

Thanks for replying! I'm going tonight...a little nervous, but I can't handle the poof anymore. Good luck growing yours out!

Mikela Prevost said...

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this blog post. I too have been blessed/cursed with thick hair and have coveted a rockin' pixie for too long. I'm going under the shears soon and now have the confidence! Thank you!

albina N muro said...

try this ~!

Anonymous said...

Your post has been so helpful. Especially the "comb it forward" bit...totally change how I'm wearing my new short hair. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

SO happy you posted this - helps me a lot with my new cut. Can you suggest some specific products that you found helpful? I don't have a lot of $ and don't want to waste $ trying lots of brands. Thanks! Amy

Love His Book, Gayle said...

Hi there, thank you very much for all the information and comments. It has helped me as well. I was combing my hair back like Emma Watson and it looks so much better styled forward. I still am having trouble finding a product I can manage to manipulate. My hair is very coarse besides being extremely thick and straight. Anyone out there have any suggestions for how to get a smoother and piecy look.....that stays?

Kacie said...

Crucial - hair wax or pomade. There's a lot of variety, search for some on!

adenike33 said...

Hi, I have very thick hair and recently decided to go for a pixie cut, appt. is in a couple of days actually. I'm a little nervous. I've had long hair most of my life. I really appreciated your post! It was very helpful and I feel more relaxed about taking the pixie plunge )

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