Saturday, May 12, 2012

He Walked Across the Stage in a Gown (Graduation!)

Today Isaac put on his cap and gown and joined his fellow students and friends at the Dallas Theological Seminary graduation ceremony.

It is a bit of a miracle Judah and I even made it, considering when we got to the car this morning my battery was dead and our apartment office was closed. Thank goodness for friends who can swing by on the fly! I have to write out my thoughts, but you could also just go to Sarah Bessey's post love looks like a black gown and a piece of paper, because I'm not even half the writer she is.

I'm so proud of Isaac. He graduated with high honors, which made both of us ponder the words of some of his professors who warned against working too hard for honors at the expense of your family. Isaac worked hard and deserves those two stars next to his name on the program, but I know he also intentionally invested in time and space for me and then also for Judah, and I'm thankful for that.

I was proud to see the honors, awards, and obvious leadership of several of the students who also came to DTS from our alma mater. It appears Moody students have proved themselves! I was also glad to see the faces of the guys in Isaac's Philosophical Society group. I've been thankful for that group and the way the guys have met and pushed each other intellectually as well as been brothers in humor and seminary life.

The faces of professors, proudly hugging and congratulating their students, are precious to see. These graduates are the life's work of those men, and a few stick out to me. Isaac was a TA for Dr. Horrell, who also oversaw Isaac's internship and had us over to his home several times. I'm thankful for his joy and personal involvement in his student's lives. Dr. Sviegel was Isaac's advisor, and the professor of the class I audited with Isaac, a thoughtful guide into Church history and the one who relieved me of the fear that the school was full of raving fundamentalists.

The past five years have been transformational for Isaac, but at the same time not entirely surprising. He works hard but at really grasps languages and philosophy easily. He works to read and keep up his studies even after graduation because this is what he truly loves, not just a degree for honor's sake.

Perhaps the most powerful statement of Isaac's character for me is that after finishing classes in December, Isaac has stayed home full-time with Judah for the last six months. That's a decision we had to make based on finances, insurance, and the timing of our attempt to get overseas. It could have been rough for a man with a new graduate degree to take the somewhat more humble position of being a full-time dad, but by doing it without acting as though it was a blow to his pride, Isaac has shown that he honors the responsibility of parent and keeper of the home. It's not a lesser thing to him, and he has worked to be intentional in his parenting and in support of me, both when I was wrestling with my own dreams and now as I work to balance parenting and working full-time.

He is a good man full of wit and a strong intellect, more gentle and loving to me than most people guess, and I was proud to cheer on 4.5 years of hard work as he walked across the stage.


Jaimie said...

I don't wanna read her thoughts I wanna read YOUR thoughts. I love that last picture. Congratulations to both of you!

william and brittany said...

Beautiful!!! Congratulations, Isaac!

Sarah Bessey said...

Congratulations to you both, Kacie! I *know* what a big deal this is for your entire family. Blessings on your next steps, wherever they lead. Congrats, congrats, congrats!