Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Park

Cottonwood Park - Richardson, Tx
Cottonwood Park in Richarson is probably my favorite place in all of Dallas. We've only really discovered it this Spring, but we've been multiple times a week since that first visit.

It's just so dang fun. First of all, there's a basketball court. This is where Isaac heads, and usually as soon as he's shooting hoops a group of kids gathers around him and he organizes a pickup game. Now that we're regulars he's gotten to know some of them. There's a tall kid from Lebanon, a little guy (who is pretty good) from Iraq, a hyper American kid who has no idea how to play, and a set of African American brothers. Sometimes it's a bunch of little kids who think Isaac is amazing because he's tall and they're tiny, but then one day he ended up playing with a bunch of African American kids in their upper teens, which is a whole different story!

At first Judah just sat in the volleyball pit and ate sand, but now he can navigate the playground. It's filled with kids from everywhere. There's a bench usually filled with Iraqi women watching their kids, and a couple of Indian families of three generations, and lots of Hispanic mamas with their kids. I've even seen two former Richardson High football stars reminiscing while they watched their kids play.

Usually the soccer field is filled with Hispanic guys, there are always people walking their dogs (to Judah's delight), and along the walking trail I've met young East Asian couples and Indian and Iraqi families having picnic dinners. The ice cream truck pulls up and luckily turns off the annoying sing-song and tempts the children.

It's beautiful. Right now the ducks are followed by adorable fluffy ducklings, the spring flowers have been left to grow wild on one side of the park, and the water sparkles as the sun goes down. Perhaps my very favorite moment ever was as we left this week. Next to us a van of African American teens had their doors and windows open as they blared Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" and practiced choreographed slow dancing in the parking lot. SO cute.

It's just wonderful. I love the chance to be outside, to breathe in the golden hour before the sun goes down, to watch dogs and ducks and kids playing. I love the variety of cultures and the chance to chat. I love that Isaac gets to play basketball and Judah gets to run around to his heart's content.

I'm a fan of a good park. Especially one filled with immigrants.


Emily said...

If I didn't know you already read Jonathan Kindberg's blog I'd direct you there :-P

Catholic Mutt said...

Those are some really great pictures!