Thursday, May 10, 2012

Porch time - Spring in Dallas

We're edging up towards 90 degrees these days in Dallas, which means our gorgeous streak of perfect winter and spring weather is ending. It's been wonderful.

Hours and hours this Spring have been spent here:
On our porch, in the rocking chair and our little picnic chairs, enjoying the warm air and letting Judah run circles around us.  Some of the rails are just wide enough to let a little head through, so we've jimmy rigged the edges of our porch for safety, which looks completely ridiculous but allows for peace of mind.
We've also spent hours out at the park while Daddy plays basketball. We play in the sand, run in the flowers, and chase other peoples' dogs.

Proof that Judah is a Texas baby was achieved this Spring. Classic blue bell photo (for which I lost my sandals while scaling the blue bell covered side of a highway)

There was also an outing without the child, the first one out with friends and without Judah since he was born. This delight was spent on watching the Hunger Games. Steph was dressed as Effie, and Isaac and I were too chicken to get in the mood quite so much.

In my head this trip to Chicago has marked the transitions to summer. This week Isaac walks at graduation, we turned our focus to support raising and my sister's summer wedding, and we begin packing up our apartment. Whew!


Catholic Mutt said...

Love the blue bell photo!

Kacie said...

Thanks! So classic down here. I figured we had to do one before leaving the state!