Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Small Town Texas

We have moved to small town Texas. The population sign says 1311, which is amazing. It's not that far away from Dallas, but it's far enough to be small town and very different culture.

For instance, today we went to the nearest Walmart. The Walmart near our old apartment was filled with immigrants from all corners of the world. This new Walmart was.... different. It had an RV parts section (big enough to actually have its own sign), and just around the corner was the gun cleaning section. Seriously??

As we were checking out I spotted two guys that just made me drop my jaw. Three feet of height difference between them, walking together wearing matching camo wife beaters, camo hats, and cowboy boots.


This is where I live now, folks. I sort of love it.

Really. For us it feels like a big adventure and new and different places to explore, without having to leave the relationships we have in the area. Of course, I feel like I've barely had time to breath, but as life calms down post-move, I hope to have some time to relax and explore over the summer.


Jaimie said...

Ah Texas.

AHLondon said...

I'm out of the game for a month--you did what? I thought y'all were moving back overseas. I obviously missed more than I thought.
Guess now you know where Brad Paisley got inspiration for his camo song. And are their no gun servicing sections of the Dallas Wal-Mart? Now I'm gonna have to check ours here in Houston.

Kacie said...

We are moving overseas, but have to raise support first, so that may take all year. We're in a free cabin that someone offered us for this year. It's just 45 minutes north of where we lived before, but it feels like a world away. :)

I don't remember ever seeing a gun servicing area in our Dallas Walmart, but who knows!