Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Motherhood Notes: A Year and a Half

Little one.
We have been short on pictures over the last few months, but you are growing, changing.

The Honest Toddler twitter account makes me laugh every day because of how it reflects your own tendancies and experiences. You little people are little whirlwind terrors and the sweetest innocence at the same time.

What has really made us gasp with laughter recently is when you clench your fists as if you're flexing your muscles, growling in your toddler voice with everything you can muster, and then take off running in a spurt of ferocious energy with your arms behind you like a cape. It's as if you're this mini super hero, muscles and flying cape, all three feet of you taking on the world.

You have this funny blend of fierce independance and deep connection (*cough* sorry bout that funny combination, you come by it honestly!). New place, strangers? Dislike. But so long as you know we're nearby you take off running and don't look back. You want to wander and see everything and then don't care if we follow or not. The clinginess is passing and you make it through nursery at church now! Everyone was right, it was a stage. Now as we walk into church you get solemn and quiet, your little lips turn down and quiver and look around to find if anyone has your blanket. Armed with blanket and paci.... you soldier on and pass sadly into the hands of the nursery workers.

Another thing that's like me - organization. My mom says when I was a little one I organized the family's shoes in order of size and then sprinkled Comet in them all. You're similar. For instance, this was texted from Daddy, who said you organized your tray by food you liked and food you disliked. Chicken and broccoli? Rejected and relegated to the cup holder.

You like to stack cups and rings and put legos in rows. Forget drawing with crayons, it's much more fun to transfer them in and out of the box and then carefully deposit them into mom's purse or the pack-n-play. The best was when you discovered the box of tampons and organized them in piles all over the house. That's the problem really - you organize, but only into a pile before being distracted by the next thing that you can organize, and ultimately lots of piles round the house isn't really organized, is it?

You finally got over reserving your kisses for Daddy and now I get them, gentle and sweet, and I still love opening the door in the evening and finding you gasping and running to me with delight. You've begun using a few signs like "more" and "all done", which is super cute, but you mostly like babbling rather than trying out the words we know you can say. You understand us, too, and when daddy tells you "no" you stop immediately and weigh the risk of continuing in your action. If you decide you've been thwarted you have the best hurt feelings look.

You like to climb. On anything. You can work the ipod shockingly well, and you still love to be tickled to death until you're gasping with giggles. You love your bed, which is now in the laundry room (hey, beats being in our bedroom!), and if you're too wound up or fussy you'll sit in there for a a few minutes to reset. You sleep well every night, and since we have crazy schedules we put you to bed late and you get up late - no problem.

You love the pool. And... you love dogs. More than big people or other kids. Dogs, however, are entirely intimidated by your delighted squealing and running after them.

You are a little monster and the sweetest thing in the world. I love you, little man.

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Sarah said...

He has gotten so big! But he's still as cute as ever. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow and change so quickly? My Sam is 11 months old today and I am in denial.

Love of climbing, the pool, and dogs? Sounds like another little boy I know.