Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Man on the Airplane with One Leg

I flew alone from Dallas to Cinci to meet up with my hubby and son and extended family. I love flying. Flying alone gives so much time for people watching, reflecting, contemplating life.

As I got off the plane and waited for my over sized bag that I snuck in as a carry-on, I found myself waiting with a guy with one leg. He was young, around my age, handsome. He had a fake metal leg on one side and on the other the leg was in the craziest contraption I've ever seen with wires going in and out of the leg and a massive brace around the wires. He was waiting for his wheelchair.

The guy that brought the wheelchair took a sideways glance at the leg and said, "IED?"


"That sucks, man."

That response and his tone of voice, instead of the many others that could have been given, made both the man and I chuckle.

"Yep, pretty much does," he said with a grin as we both appreciated the simple honestly that wasn't overly indulgent in sympathy.

Once in the wheelchair he took off, beating those of us walking as he skillfully rolled down ramps with free and eager movements of his hands and arms. When I got to the top of the last escalator and hugged Isaac, I saw across the room as the wheelchair emerged from an elevator.

A young woman flew across the room and they met each other with open arms, her reaching down to meet his. As we gathered my bag and made our way out they stayed there, embracing, the whole time.

I walked out teary, touched by the man's smile and attitude and the love so obviously shared by those two. I'd love to know the full story, but what I saw was beautiful.


Catholic Mutt said...

That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Yes, thanks for sharing this interaction.

I'd forgotten your husband's family is in Cincinnati. I hope you enjoy(ed) your time here!