Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oozing Life

While I was with my family for my sister's wedding, I was struck at how people are drawn to the community that is my family. Life and joy oozes out of them.

It's something I've always liked about my family. People are drawn to them. The house may be messy and crazy because people are sleeping on the floor and overflowing bedrooms and sharing a bathroom between 10 people, but dude, life is happening.

People come because they know they can, and there is joy there. They stop in. College kids stay a while. In high school my friends came over every night to hang out. 11 years and many houses later, the hospitality and open arms are still there.

My family laughs. They laugh at each other, they love beauty and they love to adventure, and they love real, deep relationship. You put all my siblings and their spouses and friends together and it is a beautiful, wonderful time.

I want to be like my family. I want to so ooze love, and joy, and laughter, and authenticity, that people are drawn in and leave with more of those things themselves.


Shannah said...

That's a great aspiration to have.

saraebibb said...

This is so true about your family. It's why I love them so much. They've been a huge gift in my life, everyone--all the way from your parents to Matt and each person in between has been a blessing. Love you guys.